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Title: Relations between Germany and France between 1918 and 1939

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Essay Instructions: In this paper anlalyze the relationship between the states of Germany and France in the inter-war years from 1918 to 1939. It shall go from the hostile climate in 1918 after WWI when France saw Germany as a constant agressor who had to be suppressed by force, over the spirit of Locarno, when Stressemann was able to improve the relations to an almost normal level, and end in the final break down of the relations when Germany invaded France under the Nazi rule in 1940.

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Women have acceptance in areas now that were forbidden twenty years ago. You saw women astronauts go into space. There are popular women politicians now. Female scientists are no longer portrayed with horned rimmed glasses and no make-up or hair-do. Women can become whatever they like now. Their horizons are unlimited, and their intelligence is acknowledged and valued. I guess that's what I would like to have had twenty years ago.

A got it from my husband, but nobody else. Women are often now valued for their capability, their brains, their talent, and not just their looks. They can become more than wives and mommies without losing those roles. Men could always be daddies and husbands and sill have a life outside the home. Women were often discriminated against in the work world because it was expected that they would quit once the children were born. Pregnancy itself was seen as some kind of infirmity. Women are now recognized as being whole people, not just half of a couple. More than this, women now have a voice that is heard and respected. We are no longer appendages of men.

Let me tell you a story: In 1990 I had a client at Co-op Concordia insist on speaking to a man because he thought I could not help him solve a simple problem with WordPerfect. I handed the phone to a young salesperson who repeated what I had told the gentleman, being careful to say it word for word. The gentleman thanked him for the advice. All the employees thought it was hilarious. I'm not certain it could happen now.

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