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Title: insights from literature of art

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Essay Instructions: insights from literature of art:

last week of class we are sharing a leadership insights available from a poem, song, short story, little essay,play,parable, or powerful artistic symbol that i have to bring into class. whatever is done must be more than a quote or 2 and it must provide as a leader what i learned from it. Emphasize quality of insights over fancy presentations.

this professor is humorous and has a dark sense of humor, it must have to do with LEADERSHIP AND AGAIN WHAT I LEARNED FROM IT
thank you

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Title: Blood Done Sign My Name

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Essay Instructions: Insight and interesting things from the book "Blood Done Sign My Name"

What I thought was interesting


Book Report

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For example, the night of the murder, furious blacks firebomb buildings and stores in retaliation. Tyson's descriptions within the latter scenes remind me of the (much later) aftermath of the Rodney King verdicts. As Tyson states, three hundred or so angry young blacks taking to the streets."..scared the hell out of most of the white people in Oxford, and some of the black ones, too" (Blood Done Sign my Name, 2005, p. 6)." Later, after Gerald Teel's father and brothers are found not guilty of Marrow's murder, other violence black mobs unleash on the town is much worse.

In fact, according to Tyson, Oxford was sharply critical of the Teels but not enough so to bring them properly to justice. Tyson, toda6y a professor of African-American studies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, is haunted by his childhood experiences of living through Marrow's murder by the Teels and its aftermath. His recollections, while told elegantly, eloquently, nevertheless represent a catharsis for the author himself, i.e., a final, long-pent-up account of all that happened so long ago, how, and then, from the writer's present adult perspective, why and what it all meant. Accounts of the Civil Rights movement of the time paint a rosier picture of what the South was like, thus the surprise one feels at reading this other, truer version of what racial relations were like in places there like small Oxford, North Carolina: even as the Civil Rights movement swirled around it.

A found this a very well written book, fascinating, and a page-turner with a surprising amount of built-in suspense even with this story's sad and disturbing told to us right from the start. This book is a good counterpoint to much of what is also published about how much better life was in the South for blacks during this time than before: it shows a different, starker, side of that story.

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Title: Tenure and Post Tenure Review

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Essay Instructions: Write a 2-complete page essay. When quoting and paraphrasing use quotation marks. When writing the essay You must cite the Author(s), Year and Page Number(s) within the body of the essay. State the question first and then continue to answer.

Hawkins, Graham and Hall (2007) Tenure as a fact of academic life.
Dilts, Samavati, and Rahnama-Moghadam (2007) Economic motivation for post-tenure review in academic institutions.

“What are some new insights you have found as you continue to read and explore the literature of Tenure and Post-Tenure Review?”

There are faxes for this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited:

Chait, R.P. (2005). The Questions of Tenure. Harvard University Press.

Dilts, D.A.; Samavati, H. & Rahnama-Moghadam, M. (2007). Economic Motivation for Post-Tenure Review in Academic Institutions. Journal of Collective Negotiations, 31(4), 333-341.

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Title: Case Analysis Insight Paper Case 5 Namaste Solar This MBA entitled Strategy Formulation and Implementation The Textbook Crafting Executing Strategy The Quest Competitive Advantage Concepts and Cases 18ed

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Essay Instructions: Case Analysis
?Insight Paper? for Case 5: Namaste Solar

This is for an MBA course entitled ?Strategy Formulation & Implementation?.
The Textbook is: Crafting and Executing Strategy: The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts & Cases, 18ed., ISBN 978-0-07-811272-0, Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, & Strickland, McGrawHill-Irwin, 2012.
Please find a person with such background (eg: Business major) to write it. Thanks.
If you have any question, I can be reached at: 716-515-5406 (cell phone).
Requirement for ?Insight? papers:
Insight papers are not edited versions of the case. They are 1-2 page insights into analysis, recommendations, relationships between case elements, strategic factors, consequences of decisions or recommended decision, etc, that are NOT readily apparent by simply reading the case or repeating information from the case.

This essay needs to be 2 pages (double spaced) and is recommended to be divided into 3 parts:
1. Brief case summary (should be less than half page)
2. Case analysis
3. Action plan/strategy implementation
After reading the attached material, please address some of the following questions listed below in the case analysis section and/or action plan section (The answers are in the attached ?Instructor?s manual? of this case in detail. Please limit your answers/analysis within 2 pages)

Recommended questions:
1. What is the mission of Namaste Solar? How does the mission reflect the company?s values? Explain.
2. Does it seem that Namaste Solar has made a commitment to operating in socially responsible manner? Is the company?s strategy ethical and does it address the needs of all of its stakeholders? Explain.
3. Is the company?s approach to strategy execution shaped sufficiently by its mission and values? How does the company?s approach to staffing the organization and building organizational capabilities support its strategy? Does its approach to decision making support good strategy execution? Why or why not?
4. How does Namast? Solar link rewards and incentives to strategically-important employee behaviors and the company?s targeted outcomes?
5. What are the key features of Namaste Solar?s organizational culture? Does the company?s culture support good strategy execution? Explain.
6. What are the three strategic options concerning the company?s future? What impact will a choice among the three options have on the company?s values and culture and employees and other stakeholders?
7. List the pros and cons of Paths A-C. What recommendation would you make to Blake Jones concerning the choice of a path for Nemaste Solar?s future?

? Read the case ?Namaste Solar?. (Please see attached).
? Read attached ?key points? of Chapters 9-12 (The corresponding chapters in the textbook are Chapters 9-12. Because it is very long, I only attached ?key points? with this order).
? To make the writing easier, I attached the ?Instructor?s manual? of this case for you to use as reference only (Has detailed answers to above questions).

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