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Title: environmental justice and the environmental rights of Russian indigenous people in the Arctic region

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1206 References: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Proposals should contain the following sections:
1. Introduction
• an explanation of the problem you seek to address and of your working hypothesis
*My research interest is covering legal protection of indigenous peoples’ environmental rights through international and domestic law. My thesis is going to make a special emphasis on the Russian indigenous peoples of the Arctic region.
The main goal of my research at the University of British Columbia is to determine and analyse international legal mechanisms which will assist indigenous people of Russian Arctic region in protection their environmental rights. In order to achieve this purpose my research will include analysis of environmental justice on international and domestic levels; investigation of whether international environmental law has been incorporated into Russian laws and development policies regarding indigenous peoples’ environmental rights; exploration of infringement of indigenous peoples’ environmental rights due to Russian unsustainable development of energetic sectors and militarization of the Arctic region; developing legal tools of protection of those rights.

2. Literature Review
• a clear scholarly justification for your proposed research, which sets it in the context of relevant scholarly literatures and explains how your proposed work will make an original contribution
* The outcome of this research is going to have immediate practical value for maintenance of indigenous peoples’ environmental rights. I plan to introduce the results of my research into the Russian reality through institutions on different levels, including local environmental NGOs and high-level international forums

3. Theory and Research Methodology
• an explanation of the body of theory that informs your research problem and your method for exploring the proposed research problem
research methodology should include field reserch ( collect data from russian courts and interviewing of indigenous peoples of Russian North) and case study

4.Project Outline
• outline of project organized by chapter
outline should include chapters with information about:
*international environmental justice ( with EJ thejry, IEJ institutions, background and legislation)
* environmental rights of indigenous peoples ( background, protection on domestic and international levels, indigenous right to invironmental self-determination )
* Environmental Policy Making and idigenous Considerations ( Legal
* Russian evironmental justice mechanisms' analysis (and background)
-- Case study of : establishing TTNU and its repeale in Russian Far East region and more
* Practical use in Russian reality
This information will help you to form outline and build the rest of proposal.

5.Preliminary Bibliography

• a list of 10-20 scholarly books and articles that informs your approach to the research problem

For your use:
Book: Environmental Justice and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Essay Instructions: This is for a university Aboriginal Geography of Canada class.

The paper needs to have a clear thesis and flow smoothly.

I have chosen to do my topic on Aboriginal food security and how the movement towards a more westernized diet will deplete their culture, traditions, etc.

Here are some sources:

Damman, Siri. Barth Edie, Wenche. Kuhnlein V Harriet. ?Indigenous Peoples? Nutrition Transition in a Right To Food Perspective.? Science Direct. Food Policy (2008): 33, 135-55. Online.

Foley, Wendy. ?Tradition and Change in Urban Indigenous Food Practices.? Postcolonial Studies. (2005) 8:1. Pp 25-44. Online.

Kuhnlein, Harriet V. Receveur, Oliver. ?Dietary Change and Traditional Food Systems of Indigenous Peoples.? Annual Reviews, Nutrition. 1996:16. Pp. 417-42. Re-circulated by the University of Manitoba 08/29/08. Online.

Power, Elaine M. ?Conceptualizing Food Security for Aboriginal People in Canada.? Canadian Journal of Public Health. Aboriginal Food Security. March-April (2008) 99:2. Pp 95-7. Online.

Wadden, Joanne. ?De-linking From Dependency; Indigenous Food Sovereignty Brings Together Land, Food and Health.? Briar Patch; CBCA Reference 7 Current Events. Sept/Oct 2010:39, 5. Pp. 35-6. Online.

Wahlqvist, Mark L. ?Diversification in Indigenous and Ethnic Food Culture.? Diet Diversification and Health Promotion. Forum Nutr. (Ed.) I. Elmadfa. Basel, Karger, 2005:57. Pp 52-61. Online.

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Title: sustainable development dimensions

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Essay Instructions: One of the sustainable development dimensions pertains to social issues such as “involuntary resettlement” and “indigenous peoples.” What is the nature of these two social problems? Are there appropriate measures in place to deal with them?

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Essay Instructions: Trade was well established among Indigenous peoples before Europeans arrived in America. Reflect on pre-contact trade and how it differed from trade after contact. Discuss the expansion of trade in eastern Canada after contact. How were Indigenous people impacted? In what ways did relations with the French differ from relations with the British? What were the factors behind this difference?

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