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Title: Employment Law

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Essay Instructions: Karen is a human resources consultant at a local utility. Originally, the work requested was project-based. Karen was asked to develop training materials for an upcoming session on diversity. Cynthia, the human resources manager, was very happy with the work that Karen did and asked her to work on some additional projects. Before everyone knew it, Karen had been working at the utility for five years.

Karen has been paid a monthly base salary of $10,000 per month. Karen has received a 1099 for her wages over the past five years, but has not received a W-2. Karen was not offered any benefits, but when she was hired, she did not need them, as she was happily married. However, Karen's husband recently passed away and she asked Cynthia about receiving benefits. Cynthia has denied Karen's request. Karen's title, when she started, was Human Resources Temporary, but her new title evolved into Human Resources Consultant to be more consistent with others in the department who are doing work similar to hers. Karen does have a contract with the utility.

Karen has had other limited clients over the years. She had one client for an approximately 40-hour project two years ago, and she currently has another client that keeps her on a retainer basis.

Since she was denied benefits, Karen has contacted the IRS to ask them to determine her status.

Cynthia is the human resources manager at ABC Utility, as well as Karen's supervisor.

Karen is an individual who has been working at ABC Utility. You will look at her employment relationship to determine if she is an employee or an independent contractor.

Your role is to decide if Karen is an independent contractor or an employee and discuss some of the preventative and ethical situations that are occurring in this case.


1.Do you feel that Karen is an independent contractor or an employee? What is your rationale for this decision?

2.What factors do you feel help contribute to Karen being an employee?

3.What factors favor her being a contractor?

4.What are some potential legal implications in the case? What should the utility do to rectify any wrongs in this situation?

5.Draft a sample policy for limiting the use of independent contractors that will help avoid issues like this in the future.

The answers to each question should be 100 words in length.

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Title: General Motors

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Essay Instructions: Prepare a 600 word paper in which you identify and analyze the policy differences of General Motor's: discussing

o Regular employees versus temporaries or independent contractors at general motor's company

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Works Cited:

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Title: Establishing an Overseas Security Operation in the Republic of Viet Nam

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Essay Instructions: You have been tasked to set up an overseas security operation (corporate) in the Republic of Vietnam. Using all of the materials you have covered so far in both of your texts (primary text,, Security Guidelines for American Enterprises abroad, OSAC Publication, World wide 1 Jun 2005, Chapter 1 through chapter 7, and secondary text, Chaisson, J., Schweyer, A. (2004). Global Talent Management:. Retrieved Dec. 28, 2005, from Taleo Corporation Web site:'management%20of%20The%20foreign%20workforce'. Chapter 1 through chapter 3), describe and explain in detail the processes that you utilize in setting up the operation.

The paper must be no less than 10 DS pages in length not including title and reference pages. The style manual used is APA. All rules for a term paper listed and discussed in the APA style information discussed in the appendices in your Syllabus must be adhered to. I recommend you leverage the APA resources available in "Course Materials," "Web Resources," and the "Online Library." The word processing format must be MS Word or MS Word-compatible. Details follow:

Mission - Secure a manufacturing facility and the regional corporate headquarters.

Personnel - You will use a mix of US and foreign personnel.

At a minimum, discuss the following points:

Strategy - Core and support activities, outsourcing, risks, strategic planning.

Leading - Competencies, empowerment, conflicting values, loyalty.

Organizing the security group - Staffing, independent contractors, setting objectives, resourcing, assigning tasks, monitoring, termination policies.

Managing people - Apply Maslow to the mission, describe and explain your personnel management system in detail.

Managing resources - Define and discuss zero-based budgeting and whether you will use it or not in this instance. Factually explain your reasons pro or con.

Managing change - Describe various changes that you anticipate (technological, personal, and in the human relations arena). Name and discuss the techniques you use in dealing with anticipated changes.

Blending cultures - Identify and discuss the various challenges associated with working with Vietnamese nationals.

Multi-cultural managers - Describe the steps you take to ensure that you are a competent multi-cultural manager. Define the term, list various required attributes, and describe how you will internalize multi-cultural managerial skills.

Valuing multi-cultural diversity - Include a table of values comparing and contrasting American and Vietnamese values. State why diversity is an asset rather than a liability in security management.

Your paper will be graded using the Rubric grading convention displayed in the appropriate appendix in your Syllabus as well as in the appropriately titled folder in "Course Materials."

Citing Sources for Discussion Question Assignments Using APA Style

As you know, I require all students to properly cite their sources using APA style when posting discussion question assignment responses. After viewing many of your responses, I note that many of you are simply not using the tools available to you to produce proper citations, either in-text or in a reference list. In light of this fact, I recommend you view the following PowerPoint presentations on APA style. They not only contain information on your discussion question assignments, but also explain how to properly format your research papers. This information is already online in your classroom and in the APUS Online Library. The tools presented are in a more compact and handy form. Don’t lose points unnecessarily - use the information provided:

University of Minnesota library:

Purdue University Writing Lab:

California State University, Bakersfield:'APA%20format%20%20PowerPoint'

Cedarville University:

University of Houston:'APA%20format%20%20PowerPoint

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Title: healthcare professionals

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Essay Instructions: *Please keep in question form

1. Please describe a closed system versus an open system. Compare and contrast these two types of systems. Give examples of each with your answer.
2. Define and differentiate between the terms philosophy, goal, objective, and functional objective as they pertain to organizational development. Provide examples of each in the modern health care organization.
Identify the management function of decision making at the top Administrative area in the health care organization. 3.Identify and describe the participants in the decision making process. Please make sure you define the major responsibilities of each person in the process.
4.Managers must recognize that there are barriers to rational decision making and many times there are no perfect decisions. Please explain the various barriers that health care professional managers must face at times such as lack of pertinent information, etc.
5.Identify the principles involved in developing an organizational chart for the modern health care facility. Describe each in detail giving examples where possible.
6.Identify the patterns of flexibility covered in your text. These include the following: temporary agencies, controversial outsourcing, and independent contractors. Evaluate the role of each category indicated above and describe their use in the modern health care facility. Give examples from your own facility if possible.
7. Describe the “free agent” phenomenon which frequently affects the management of educated mobile professionals. Based on your own experience and that information covered in the text please evaluate the impact of this phenomenon on patient care.
8.Describe in detail the factors that contribute to employee stability and to employee turnover. Include with your answer those factors relating to clinical professionals as well as administrative type professionals.
10.Please explain the concept of Six Sigma strategies and describe its place in the health care management process.
11.Briefly describe the concept of benchmarking and its place in the management process.
Enumerate the detailed steps in the operating budget process of health care facilities. Be sure to include with your answer the dynamics of the budget approval process from the start at the departmental level to final approval by the governing board of the facility.

*Please keep in question form.

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Clark, Jonathan J. (2005). "Improving hospital budgeting and accountability: a best practice approach."Healthcare Financial Management. 11 Feb, 2011.

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