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Title: Econ

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Essay Instructions: Only from the Wall Street Journal, select an article dated between April 13 and 18 that discusses one of the following topics:
(a) Economic growth; (b) Income Tax or Accounting for International Businesses; (c) Corporate governance;
(d) Business Organization Theory; or (e) International Sales and Marketing (including advertising).
After reading and analyzing the article,typed paper explaining how your chosen article relates to the principles of international business covered the basic accounting model; income tax principles; stock options; and business strategy and organization.
Please Attach the original article to me.Do Not choose an article talking about gains and losses of the stock market.

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

100 billion the country could use. (2009, March 14). Editorial. The New York Times.

Retrieved April 18, 2009 at

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Title: Important Elements of Income Tax

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Essay Instructions: Answer the below Question by ONLY using the files uploaded. Use APA style for referencing. It is must. Also do the work in 1 and a half page (Double space).

Discussion Question: Discuss the important elements of the income tax in Pennsylvania?
What governments levy the tax? Discuss the application of the tax to individuals and corporations. How is the tax linked to the federal income taxes? Are the rates graduated and is the tax indexed?

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Title: The State of Florida Adopt Income Tax

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Essay Instructions: I need a midterm paper written on the following subject...

Should The State of Florida Adopt Income Tax? The Economic Implications Regarding the Social Costs and Benefits of Florida’s Legislative and Fiscal Policies. (10 Double Spaced Pages, Excluding References)

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Excerpt From Essay:


Achenbaum, W.A. (2006). Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams: A Social History of Modem Florida. Journal of Social History, 40(1), 262+. Retrieved October 10, 2008, from Questia database:


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Sepp, Peter J. (2008). "Typical Florida Resident Could Be $99,243 Poorer by 2020, if State Adopts an Income Tax." National Taxpayers Union & NTUF; Release Dec 2, 1999. Retrieved October 10, 2008, at

The following table may be used in Appendix:

STATE INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES (Tax rates for tax year 2008 -- as of January 1, 2008)

Tax Rates- of Income Brackets

Personal Exemption-

Federal Tax

State Low High Brackets Low High Single Married Child. Ded. ALABAMA 2.0-5.0-3 500 (b) - 3,000 (b) 1,500 3,000 300 * ALASKA

No State Income Tax

ARIZONA 2.59-4.54 5-10,000 (b) - 150,000 (b) 2,100 4,200 2,300 ARKANSAS (a) 1.0-7.0 (e) 6-3,699 (b) - 31,000 (b) 23-46-23 - CALIFORNIA (a) 1.0-9.3 (w) 6-6,827 (b) - 44,815 (b) 94-188-294 - COLORADO 4.63 1 -Flat rate-

None- CONNECTICUT 3.0-5.0-2-10,000 (b) - 10,000 (b) 12,750 (f) 24,500 (f) 0 DELAWARE 2.2-5.95 6-5,000-60,000 110-220-110 - FLORIDA

No State Income Tax

GEORGIA 1.0-6.0-6 750 (g) - 7,000 (g) 2,700 5,400 3,000 HAWAII 1.4-8.25 9-2,400 (b) - 48,000 (b) 1,040 2,080 1,040 IDAHO (a) 1.6-7.8-8-1,237 (h) - 24,736 (h) 3,500 (d) 7,000 (d) 3,500 (d) ILLINOIS 3.0-1 -Flat rate-

2,000 4,000 2,000 INDIANA 3.4-1 -Flat rate-

1,000 2,000 1,000 IOWA (a) 0.36-8.98 9-1,379-62,055 40-80-40 - * KANSAS 3.5-6.45 3-15,000 (b) - 30,000 (b) 2,250 4,500 2,250 KENTUCKY 2.0-6.0-6-3,000-75,000 20-40-20 - LOUISIANA 2.0-6.0-3-12,500 (b) - 25,000 (b) 4,500 (i) 9,000 (i) 1,000 (i) * MAINE (a) 2.0-8.5-4-4,849 (b) - 19,450 (b) 2,850 5,700 2,850 MARYLAND 2.0-5.5-7-1,000-500,000 2,400 4,800 2,400 Massachusetts (a) 5.3-1 -Flat rate-

4,125 8,250 1,000 MICHIGAN (a) 4.35 1 -Flat rate-

3,300 6,600 3,300 MINNESOTA (a) 5.35-7.85 3-21,800 (j) - 71,591 (j) 3,500 (d) 7,000 (d) 3,500 (d) Mississippi 3.0-5.0-3-5,000-10,000 6,000 12,000 1,500 MISSOURI 1.5-6.0-10 1,000-9,000 2,100 4,200 1,200 * (r) MONTANA (a) 1.0-6.9-7-2,500-14,900 2,040 4,080 2,040 * (r) NEBRASKA (a) 2.56-6.84 4-2,400 (k) - 27,001 (k) 113-226-113 - NEVADA

No State Income Tax


State Income Tax is Limited to Dividends and Interest Income Only.

NEW JERSEY 1.4-8.97 6-20,000 (l) - 500,000 (l) 1,000 2,000 1,500 NEW MEXICO 1.7-5.3-4-5,500 (m) - 16,000 (m) 3,500 (d) 7,000 (d) 3,500 (d) NEW YORK 4.0-6.85 5-8,000 (b) - 20,000 (b) 0-0-1,000 NORTH CAROLINA (n) 6.0-7.75 3-12,750 (n) - 60,000 (n) 2,000 4,000 2,000 NORTH DAKOTA (a) 2.1-5.54 (o) 5-31,850 (o) - 349,701 (o) 3,500 (d) 7,000 (d) 3,500 (d) OHIO (a) 0.618-6.24 9-5,000-200,000 1,450 (p) 2,900 (p) 1,450 (p) OKLAHOMA 0.5-5.5 (q) 7-1,000 (q) - 8,701 (q) 1,000 2,000 1,000 OREGON (a) 5.0-9.0-3-2,900 (b) - 7,300 (b) 169-338-169 - * (r) PENNSYLVANIA 3.07 1 -Flat rate-

None- RHODE ISLAND 25.0% Federal tax liability (s) -- SOUTH CAROLINA (a) 0-7.0-6-2,670-13,350 3,500 (d) 7,000 (d) 3,500 (d) SOUTH DAKOTA

No State Income Tax


State Income Tax is Limited to Dividends and Interest Income Only.


No State Income Tax

UTAH 5.0-1 -Flat rate- (t) (t) (t) VERMONT (a) 3.6-9.5-5-32,550 (u) 357,700 (u) 3,500 (d) 7,000 (d) 3,500 (d) VIRGINIA 2.0-5.75 4-3,000-17,000 930 1,860 930 WASHINGTON

No State Income Tax

WEST VIRGINIA 3.0-6.5-5-10,000-60,000 2,000 4,000 2,000 WISCONSIN (a) 4.6-6.75 4-9,700 (v) - 145,460 (v) 700 1,400 700 WYOMING

No State Income Tax

DIST. Of COLUMBIA 4.0-8.5-3-10,000-40,000 1,675 3,350 1,675 Source: The Federation of Tax Administrators from various sources.

Reference if used:

STATE INDIVIDUAL INCOME. (2008). Federation of Tax Administrators. Retrieved October 10, 2008, from: TAXES

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Title: State income tax issues

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Essay Instructions: Tax Research Problem

You have been working as a state tax manager of Amstel Light Corporation (a "C" Coproration) for the last 3 years. Your sate tax department consists of other team individuals with expertise in state taxation. the corporation is primarily involved in the manufacture and distribution of beer. At the present time the corporation conducts business activity in only state (Michigan). The President of the company, who is upset with the Michigan's governor's proposal to put into place an increased income tax on businesses, is looking at moving the corporation's headquarters and mfg operations to another state. The President has asked you to prepare a report on state income tax issues associated with a multi-state corporation. The President has no understanding of taxation ( especially state taxation) and is asking you, and your team, to be included in the task force associated with this planned expansion.
Please prepare 5 page single-spaced memorandum to the President (Mr Amstel) xplaining the state tax issues related to the proposed expansion. At a minimum, include state tax issues related to nexus and apportionment. The inclusion of the other ax and non-tax related state info will also need to be included in your memorandum. Creativity will enhance your papers. You will need to research each to obtain an understanding of their tax resarch (RIA Checkpoint) and review state tax " incentives" that might be available associated with building a mfg and warehouse operations in the following 3 states: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin. The President is alo looking for your recommandation on one state that would best fulfill the state tax headquarters and mfg needs of the Corporation.

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Excerpt From Essay:

The reason this is relevant is the idea of "nexus and apportionment." Michigan deems a taxpayer to have "nexus" in the state if they are physically present in the state for more than one day, actively solicit sales in Michigan and thus have more than $350,000 in sales and have ownership in a flow-through entity that has presence in Michigan. Amstel easily qualifies on all three accounts and this means that there must be a calculation of apportionment for the sales done because not all of the sales would be taxable in Michigan, just those done in Michigan.

As for how Amstel can or should apportion their operations and sales, one can look at the prevailing corporate income tax rates for the relevant states. Michigan has a flat six percent on corporate income as of the first of 2013. Indiana is a bit higher at eight percent. Wisconsin is at 7.9%. Finally, Illinois is the highest at 9.5%. All four states have flat income tax rates but Michigan is actually the lowest. As such, it would make sense to keep operations as completely and fully in Michigan as possible except as is necessary to facilitate and support sales in the other three states as there is a nearly four percent variance between the four states by a margin of 1.9% to nearly four percent. However, as noted above, Indiana and Michigan have been subject to selective FUTA rate spikes in the recent past so that should be considered as well while bearing in mind that the same can be true of SUI rates but it depends on the states assigned rate every year. Also, taxes paid on wages (employer and employee taxes) are based on where the employee works whereas corporate income tax is based on where the sales receipts or other income is actually generated.

What the above means is that Amstel can realize a clear benefit in terms of paying lesser sales taxes and corporate income taxes based on how we apportion our operations and sales but we have to be careful of the burdens that we will incur with each new state of operation and the proportions that are applicable for where and when we operate in a given tax year and this applies to both employees' tax implications as well as that of Amstel. In conclusion, Amstel can absolutely expand its horizons by operating in new states and markets but we also need to be careful to comply with all required filings and regulations.

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