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Instructions for In Vitro Fertilization College Essay Examples

Title: The changes and challenges associated with widespread use of designer in vitro fertilization IVF

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Essay Instructions: Write an Argumentative Essay on the changes and challenges associated with widespread use of "designer" in vitro fertilization (IVF). Assume that at some point in the future infertile and fertile couples as well as single women could select eggs and sperm from a bank, according to the specific traits they desire in a child. The child thus selected and born would NOT be genetically related to the parents.
Write a 500 to 750 word argumentative essay that tries to persuade your audience of your position. This should indicate whom you are writing for and should profile them briefly in two or three sentences. You must choose an audience that does not begin by agreeing with your position. Be sure to decide how much technical background your audience might need. A Works Cited page is required.

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Title: in vitro fertilization

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Essay Instructions: writ 1 page essay on the following:
a single partnerless woman with severe disabilities came to the in vitro fertilization services to request IVF procedure. after consulting their ethics committee, the group agreed to go ahead.

assuming that you are a member of an ethics committee that faces similar requests. how would you determine when a couple, or an individual should not be given access to in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Title: Biology Develoments in assisted reproductive technology

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Essay Instructions: This is a research paper for a human biology course. I require
>a bibliography in MLA format and also parenthetical citations
>where applicable ex. (last name, 2003).
>After an opening paragraph, the paper should talk about the
>developments and advancements in assisted reproductive
>technologies. The main bulk of the paper should include
>researched information on the following assisted reproductive
>-Zygote intrafallopian transfer
>-Donor egg or embryo
>-Surrogacy, or use of a gestational carrier
>-In vitro fertilization – This should be the longest section of the 6 techniques
>-Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
>-Gamete intrafallopian transfer
>It should also include success/failure rates for these
>techniques where applicable. I would like it to conclude with
>what the future may hold terms of advancements in assisted
>reproductive technologies.
>Only 2 sources are allowed to be from (reputable) internet
>sites. There is a book called In Vitro Fertilization
>(Contributor: Brian Dale.. 2nd Edition. Publisher: Cambridge
>University Press 2000) that would be one good source for this
>paper but I have no way of getting it to you. I can only access
>it as an ebook and I can;t copy and paste it correctly. I hope
>you have this source available but if not, that;s alright.
>I hope this is clear enough... Thank you.

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Title: Assisted Reproductive Technologies

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Essay Instructions: The topic is Assisted Reproductive Technologies. The following are two references that should include in the assay.
References: 1) Kalb, Claudia (2004, January 26). Brave new bodies. Newsweek, 45-53
2) Baer, Donald A. (Producer), Sargent, Joseph (Director), and McNeely, Jerry (Writer). (1981). Tomorrow's child [Motion picture]. United States: Twentieth Century-Fox

Based on the following references, what are the moral and psychological implications of assisted reproductive technologies overall? What is my logically supported opinion about individuals or couples utilizing fertility advancements (such as in vitro fertilization, or IVF) if unable to conceive naturally?

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