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Title: Importance of reading and writing in Social Studies

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Essay Instructions: Give reasons for the importance of reading and writing in Social Studies. List the ways that writing and reading can be used in social studies and the importance of it.

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Title: Nine Months of School Days is Enough Twelve Months is Over Stress

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Essay Instructions: this essay is an argumentative essay of the topic of "Nine Months of School Days is Enough. Twelve Months is Over Stress." in another word it is "12 month is better then 9 month school day" it doesn''t need to be very professional. in below i will include another of my own essay just for you to see if you can write like me (styles) but it was nothing to do this this essay.
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The Importance of Reading
In the world, it is about 95% of knowledge is by reading. In fact, readings are the most importance subject in the world. Everything is about reading, the road sign or simply the power button on the television. If a person cannot read, how would he or she gain knowledge or just to turn on the television, by conversation for others? Of course, but what if it is other things like reading a textbook. Wouldn?t that be even harder if only by conversation? So wouldn?t reading be more effective at this kind of situation?
At the website, the word reading means, ?to examine and grasp the meaning of a writing or sentences.? In other words of its meaning it is to learn from others in another form of communication. I have read some books and especially textbooks. They all have taught me a lot, language, experience, and more.
When I came to America, I was about 8 years old. The first and only problem in America was English. Because in my country, English wasn?t the primary language so I was struggled. In school, I didn?t know what to do. I didn?t know how to communicate with others. I didn?t know how to communicate with my teachers. I could hardly understand the assignment. The others laugh at me because I didn?t know how to speak nor read English. I was speechless. However, when time continued, I began to understand more and more.
I remember one of the books I read that was unforgettable was in Junior High School. The story of ?Black Boy: (American Hunger)? by Richard Wright was about his (Richard) life growing up. The struggled he had in his life. Richard was an African American who lived in the white neighborhood during the early 1900s. Throughout his life he was treated as if he was from another planet. He was always considered to be different, an outcast and a loser. He felt the needs to be a part of this so-called American Culture. He wanted to be able to do what the white children did. He wanted to be able to go to school, to learn, to read, have friends, and have a job.
Richard was a very curious young child. He kept constantly asking questions about everything and if his questions were left unanswered he would let his imagination takes over. He wanted to find a job that he could read or include books. However, his family and relatives refused to let him gain this knowledge of reading. His grandmother who was the person who has the most knowledge of the whole family believed that reading was the devils work. She would sometimes beat Richard just for trying to learn. However, beating didn?t stop him from learning. He thought that if he has more know ledged, he would become accepted in this American society. He heard many terms and phrases on the street, but he never knew what it meant. For example, sometimes when Richard was taking a bath, his grandmother would come in to help him scrubbed his back. One time, he said, ?When will you get through kissing my behind." This was just one of the many phrases he said in which he did not know the meaning.
Though he was eager to learn, but he couldn?t do anything. So Richard decided to self-educated himself by asking one of his co-worker to lent Richard his library card. He read some books and he felt that reading made him escaped the realty. At later of the book, his family finally accepted and let Richard reads, but they do not understand why and how Richard became so eager to learn or to read.
By reading and learning through his co-worker, he learned how to deal with others, whether they are black or white. He learned the secret of how to survived in this society by watching how others act and react to one another. This secret was what kept him alive, placed him in the society where he belonged, and lets him lived out his dreamed of one day becoming a professional writer.
Reading is the power. It can almost teach a person anything he or she needs to know. If Richard Wright lets his family stopped him, he wouldn?t be as successful as today. Although he is long gone, but his stories are still passing on to the next. And this book ?Black Boy? is the reason why I wanted to read and gain more knowledge. So others can accept me as whom I am, not judging me by the color of my skin. Also, hopefully that one day I can be as professional as anyone else.

Work Cited
Wright, Richard. Black Boy: (American Hunger). New York: Perennial Classics, 1998.

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Essay Instructions: 1. YOUR TEXT QUOTES THE FOLLOWING: "Good readers make good writers. The more you read, the better your writing will become." Using the “Academic Search Elite” link in CSU’s online library (or some other search engine), find an article about the “importance of reading to writing.” Briefly share with your fellow students what the article says about the link between reading and writing, providing at least one in-text quote, and discuss how the research article you have located and/or the textual quotation apply to your personal reading and writing habits. Make sure you provide a citation for the research article at the end of your discussion thread as it would appear in an APA reference page.
2. If you had to explain in one paragraph to a fellow student why it is important to become a better writer, what would you say, and what authorative source would you recommend to that student to support your main point? Make sure to provide an APA REFERENCE PAGE citation for the source that the student could use to locate the source in a library or online.

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Title: Security Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Book review on the textbook "Security Analysis" by Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd. Include comments of the book and one quote. Please explain the value and importance of reading the book.

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