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Title: developing in a family

Total Pages: 8 Words: 3295 References: 12 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Request writer ProfDiggers

Please provide a 4 page answer for each question listed at the bottom. Please provide answers that are coherent, well-organized, data driven, and clearly articulated. There is not perfect agreement among all developmental psychologists on many of these questions. Thus, the task is to build your case carefully using the most relevant arguments and data from the provided sources. Be sure to consider the quality of the empirical evidence you discuss, which involves considering sampling, measurement and design issues. Remember that the best essays assume a naïve, intelligent reader and contain an introduction, body and conclusion. Please do not provide a “laundry list” approach

Reference to any of the articles provided should include the authors’ names and date using APA format. (No reference page is necessary.) If you use the words of the authors, those words must be in quotation marks & include page number. AVOID DIRECT QUOTATION WHENEVER POSSIBLE, HOWEVER.

Please use ALL provided resources to answer the questions, but use only these sources (i.e., do not use articles or chapters that have not been provided or listed).
When providing examples and illustrating arguments with studies, please use the empirical studies, if possible, rather than examples provided in chapters.
Citations must be in APA format. When describing a study based on a secondary source, you must indicate the authors and date of the original study followed by "as cited in ..." to identify YOUR source.
Appropriately credit the sources of ideas, concepts, etc.
Please do not give one clear position or answer; provide an argument for all sides of the question based upon the research (resources provided).

QUESTIONS to answer (4 pages each):
1. Many infants attend day care in this country. Describe the advice you would give new parents about the following questions, and show how your advice is driven by data and by theory. What factors should new parents consider when deciding whether to put their infant in day care? If they decide to do it, when should the child begin and for what amount of time (each day or week)? Why? What later developmental outcomes might parents reasonably expect if their child attends day care rather than stays home with a parent?

2. What does the empirical evidence we read suggest about the role and importance of parents in child social development? Does the role and/or importance of parents change with development? Support your conclusions with evidence. To what extent must we consider issues of direction of effect and ethnocentrism when evaluating the literature? How does the evidence speak to these issues?

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In addition to the included resources please reference -
Lamb, M. E., & Lewis, C. (2005). The role of parent-child relationships in child development. In M. H. Bornstein & M. E. Lamb (Eds.), Developmental science: An advanced text book (5th ed., pp 429-468). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

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Title: philosophy on education

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1235 Works Cited: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please write a 3-page paper using APA style, on what your personal philosophy on educating elementary children would be.
1) You must include your thoughts on what you believe should be taught in addition to the standard curriculum - for instance you can include that you believe it is important to teach morals and ethics as well as multiculturalism in the curriculum etc.. 2) You must also include how you believe students should be taught and what role teachers should play as educators, the methods and strategies of instruction that you believe should be used. For example, you can write that you believe teachers are mediators, and facilitators (and you can cite from any sources written by Feuerstein) You can also include that you believe in implementing Hands on activities, and relating material and concepts taught to real life experiences and linking to prior knowledge.
3) You must include what you believe is necessary for students to reach their potential- for instance a loving warm yet alert environment, parental involvement etc. You can include that you believe that teachers need to reach out to all different learning styles. 4) You must also explain why you believe we educate and teach - what purpose does education serve? You must include your vision for yourself, the school and the system. 5) You must back up your personal philosophies and beliefs by citing the followings philosopher's ideas listed below. I have provided hyperlinks to the sources:
Please use at least one idea from each of the sources listed below.
1) Aquinas: http://www.vaxxine./hyoomik/aquinas/educatio.html (Incorporate his idea on the importance of parents in children's education.)
2) Feuerstein: Any sources you may find on his philosophy on education. (Incorporate his idea of educators mediating students learning.)
3) Aristotle: (Incorporate
4) Caine and Caine Brain Research: Any research you may find on the 12-brain/mind learning principles.
5) Nel Noddings on Care: Any research that you may find on her philosophy.
6) Demings 14 Points of Management: http://www.12manage./methods_deming_14_points_management.html
7) Dewey, J. (1897). My pedagogic creed. The School Journal (65), 3. Retrieved December 23, 2005 from

Please make sure the essay has an appropriate introduction and conclusion paragraph.
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