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Title: Discuss Momaday's Theory of the importance of Language and the Imagination as it is expressed in

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1192 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic:
In his famous essay" The Man Made of Words" (1970), Momaday writes that "The state of human being is an idea, an idea which man has of himself. Only when he is embodied in an idea, and the idea is realized in language, can man take posession of himself. In our particular frame of reference, this is to say that man achieves his fullest realization of his humanity in such an art and product of the imagination as literarture - and here I use the term "literature" in its broadest sense" (88; italics in original). Discuss Momaday's theory of the importance of language and the Imagination as it is expressed in "The Man Made of Words" and illustrated in a few key sections of The Way to Rainy Mountain and/or The Names.

Length and Form:
4 pages plus a separate works cited page, all in proper MLA form.
Use Roman numerals to refer to sections of The Way to Rainy Mountain.
Show, Explain, Analyze, and Draw conclusions as you go.
The "Preface," "Prologue," "Introduction," and "Epilogue" - as well as the two poems that frame the book are extremely important parts of The Way to Rainy Mountain, be sure to consider using them when planning paper.
Responses to Topic will be evaluated on thoroughness of treatment of the topic; quality of ideas; correctness of academic prose; appropriate use of textual evidence( direct quotation, paraphrase); and correct MLA form.

Primary Texts
"The Man Made of Words" Momaday, N. Scott
The Way to Rainy Mountain Momaday, N. Scott
The Names: A Memoir Momaday, N. Scott

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: thought provoking research essay

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1243 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Choose one of the essay topics below and develop an original, thought-provoking research essay (1200 words). It required referencing two -but no more than two-works of secondary criticism in this essay. As with this first essay, you should cite sparingly from the secondary criticism, using it only to provide some critical context or support for your own argument or analysis.
Essays should be double-spaced, with a works cited page that conforms to MLA style guidelines.

Essay Topics
1. in Wayson Choy's All that Matters and Fred Wah's "Diamond Grill" it is women who appear to be most painfully stretched between the cultures of Old China and Canada. Compare how both texts foreground issues of gender in their representation of the hyphenated experiences and identities of Chinese- Canadians

2. Examine the importance of food in Rohinton Mistry's "Squatter" and Wayson Choy's all that Matters, particularly food's significance in relation to questions of cultural authenticity or hybridity, and the threat of assimilation facing immigrants to Canada.

3. Margaret Atwood's Surfacing and Robert Kroetsch's “Stone Hammer Poem" are arguably ultimately "about” language itself. Compare how=and why-these two authors foreground the importance of language in their texts.

4. Compare how Rabindrinath Maharaj and Rohinton Mistry represent the conundrums and even catch-22s of the diasporic condition in their short stories "Bitches on all sides" and” Squatter".

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Title: Critical Review of a dramatic performance Andrea Chenier

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3388 Bibliography: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This assessment requires a critical analysis of a operatic production: Andrea Chenier.
Moreover, the performance should be thoroughly evaluated in a detailed review offering the reader a historical background to the production and its cultural context (The Introduction Part). The aspects of performance practice, production values and artistic direction should be addressed, rated and supported with arguments relating to performance practice issues, such as stylistic interpretation, staging, operatic voices and aesthetics (Literature Review Section).
Then is the critically analysis of the actual performance and conclusion

I think it's better to review literature concerning one or two aspects, for instance, the importance of supporting structure such as staging, lighting or orchestra to a successful operatic production. then critically review the performance supported by the aspects covered in the section of literature review.

Aspects of the performance to consider reviewing , including:
Immediate impact ? how if looks and sounds
Interpretation for a contemporary audience
Artistic vision ? directing
Text issues ? importance of language, interpretation of text
Singers in role ? the voice or the character
Chorus and Orchestra ? supporting structures
Audience ? profiling in terms of age, appreciation etc

I will also upload the assessment outline, please read it carefully and focus on the methodology and assessment tasks. Some Youtube links concerning the actual performance of the production can also be found at the bottom of the assessment outline, please watch these clips before you write the critical analysis. I will try to find the full version of the production and upload later.

Academic Writing and APA Reference Style.

Excerpt From Essay:

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