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Title: the importance of being earnest

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Essay Instructions: this essay is on the book "the importance of being earnest" by oscar wilde.

essay question: choose ONE of the following and write a report on it

1)discuss the relationship between John Worthing and Algernon Montcrief.
2)discuss the role of Lady Bracknell;who or what does she represent in the play
3)discuss the roles of the woman in the play: in what way to they portray women in Victorian society? :In what way do they deviate from that role


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Title: Importance of Being Earnest

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Essay Instructions: 1.Discovering a Connection: Modern Thought and Drama (rooted in history but present today as well) is the subject of your next report #3. You may include actual attendance in modern theatre and philosophical experience. Try to make references to your ideas from report #2. You may be more creative in your format as needed for this paper. This report may contain more current experiences and identified observations from you if needed to make your points meaningful. Due this week.

1.Send in word document attachment a 3-4 pp paper with 3-6 sources cited and connected into the paper content and listed alphabetically on a Bibliography. Your report #1 should include: 1) a title, 2) a labeled one sentence purpose statement, 3) a labeled one sentence thesis statement concerning either cultural or ethical issue(s) as stated in the class goals and university learning objectives on page 1 of the syllabus, 4) an introduction including why you are interested in this topic, 5) an explanation and development of your thesis supported by 3--6 cited sources, 6) a conclusion including possible connection and impact for the reader of your idea(s), 7) and a Bibliography. This will be the expected form of your reports in this course. Frequently review the university learning objectives and class goals to help yourself keep focused on the assigned content of your papers.
2. This particular report will be able to have more current issues and identified observations than in the last
reports. For example, It means that if you wrote on the "Importance of Being Earnest" for your
last report (Report #2) you may have discussed how the characters viewed the importance of social,
economical status as the main focus of marriage (as Lady Bracknell talked with Jack and found him
not to be worthy of her daughter in marriage simply because of his family background). It states to
make some reference to your report #2. To put your own idea and current experiences- you could write about how marriages have changed in modern times or perhaps how social status is still viewed as important- you could research other plays that would help you make your point that discussed love and marriage as related to status. Include briefly your own experiences with this matter. It is important to relate the report to whatever philosophical idea that you discussed within your own report # 2 - This will just give you an idea of how and what to write and perhaps help you. Try to keep your paper flowing with the main idea you write on and with the focus of your thesis statement in mind.

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Eltis, S. Revising Wilde: Society and subversion in the plays of Oscar Wilde. New York:


The Independent. (2009). "Greg Kinnear -- 'We all lead double lives.'" the Independent.

Accessed on March 4, 2011:

Wilde, O. (1998). The Importance of Being Earnest and other plays. New York: Oxford

Woods, G. (1999). A history of gay literature: the male tradition. Yale University Press.

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Title: Critiquing play importance earnest By Oscar Wilde Use source a problem Try simple language The Table Of Content Introduction The critical summary Message Themes play playwright dealt Characterization Vs plot Title play Conclusion

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Essay Instructions: Critiquing for this play "the importance of being earnest" By Oscar Wilde

Use any source is not a problem.
Try to use simple language

The Table Of Content

- Introduction
- The critical summary
- Message / Themes of the play , and how has the playwright dealt with it ?
- Characterization Vs plot
- Title of the play
- Conclusion

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Works Cited:

Reference List

Foster, R. (1956). Wilde as Parodist: A Second Look at the Importance of Being

Earnest. College English, 18(1): 18-23.

Pearce, J. (2000). The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde. UK: HarperCollins.

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Wilde, O. (2006). Collected Works. NY: Barnes and Noble.

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Title: moder drama

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Essay Instructions: Hi. I had to answer 5 questions for a modern Lit class but the first answer was from spark note so its need to be redone and the others need help. They all need examples from the plays. If you have any questions call me at 9179129331

Thank you

1. Is The Importance of Being Earnest a serious examination of the idea that
people wear masks and have multiple identities, or is it just a farce with no
serious content?

The idea that people wear masks is the central metaphor in the play The Importance of Being Earnest. The play?s protagonist Jack Worthing is a seemingly responsible and respectable young man who leads a double life. In Hertfordshire, Jack is known as Jack but in London he is known as Earnest. Jack uses his alter-ego Earnest to keep his honorable image intact. Earnest enables Jack to escape the boundaries of his real life and act as he wouldn?t dare to under his real identity. Just as Algernon has invented a fictional friend, ?Bunbury,? an invalid, whose frequent, sudden relapses allow Algernon to get out of unpleasant or dull social obligations. ?Bunbury? or ?Bunburying? is the elaborate deception that allows Algernon to misbehave while seeming to uphold the very highest standards of duty and responsibility. Jack?s imaginary, wayward brother Ernest is a device not only for escaping social and moral obligations, but also one that allows Jack to falsely appear moral and responsible. Similarly, Algernon?s imaginary invalid friend Bunbury allows Algernon to escape to the country, where he presumably imposes on people while seeming to demonstrate Christian charity. Through these characters that wear masks, Wilde was actually ridiculing the general tolerance for hypocrisy in conventional society.

.3. Agree or disagree that Lady Gregory was more successful at writing farce (
Spreading the News) than at serious drama (The Rising of the Moon).

A successful play is one that withstands the test of time and place, although The rising of the moon is a good play I would have to agree that lady Gregory was more successful in writing Farce. Gregory?s play Spreading the News is more entertaining then her play The rising of the moon. Spreading the News is a highly amusing, but utterly improbable farce that Gregory was very successful in executing. Although most readers are not in Ireland and not under British law, one can relate to the speeches in the play. When the Magistrate stops at Mrs. Tarpey?s apple-cart to question her about the business of the fair, she answers with the telling comment, ?what business would the people here have but to be minding each other?s business?? (page 41) This response foreshadows the primary action of the play, which revolves around a single misheard remark that spirals out of control. This type of misunderstanding is universal. Gossip is a problem in any community, and this play explores the dangers in it. By conveying a serious message through a farcical play, Lady Gregory displays her true talent.

4. If literature is "always one man?s vision of the world" (Yeats, p. 389)
what is Synge?s vision of the world in Riders to the Sea?

Riders to the Sea, sums up the constant struggle of the islanders against their enemy, the sea. Maurya grief over the loss of her son Michael is coupled with fear of losing Bartley, her only remaining son. She has already lost five sons and a husband to the sea. If literature is always one mans vision of the world, J.M Synge?s vision is of a world where people are illogical. It is common practice for people in times of trouble to turn to G-D, but it is strange for every other word out of a person?s mouth to be ?G-D Spare us? ?G-D have mercy on us? ?G-D help?. Synge was proving a point about human behavior, while at the same time showing the ignorance in it. The play closes with Maurya's surrender. She can sleep now with no worry, except that of starvation. "They're all gone now and there isn't anything more the sea can do to me. . . . No man at all can be living forever and we must be satisfied."(page 71,72) Synge?s wanted to convey a message that people should not be stubborn, and they must be happy with the time they have in this world. He was also expressing his anger toward the church. The priest said Maurya?s son would not die, but he did. When the girls see the clothes are indeed Michael's, their only comfort is the thought that his body has been given a good Christian burial. Synge?s vision is of a world in which people have too much blind faith, and must be realistic and practical in their religious convictions.

8. Samuel Beckett is the main figure in a book called The Theatre of the
Absurd. Judging by Krapp?s Last Tape, is the title of the book (I am referring to
the word "absurd") justifiable?

Samuel Beckett may have bin know for his ridicules or illogical theater productions but I feel Krapp?s last tape was an excellent play. It leaves its viewers with a reaction to reflect on themselves. The play is about a man reflecting on his life and things that were important to him in the past are no longer significant. This idea of looking back on your life conveys an important message. Everyone should think about what they want there last tape to say. Sometimes thing may appear to be vital but in the long run it?s a minute detail in there life. A good play is one that leaves its viewers thinking, Samuel Beckett may have bin bizarre with some of his other work but I would not call this play absurd.

10. "An artist is someone who is gifted in some way that enables him to do
something more or less well which can only be done badly or not at all by
someone who is not thus gifted."" (Tom Stoppard, Travesties) Agree or disagree with
this definition, with reference to any of the plays of the syllabus.

I agree with this definition because I have many ideas that I would like to write, but I?m prevented from doing so because I lack certain required talents. To be a great writer is a gift. Anyone can pick up a pen and paper to write. The difficulty is in executing your intention. It is difficult to single out one writer from the syllabus as proof of Stoppard?s words. I think each writer has amazing aptitude for writing. If I had to pick one writer it would be Lady Gregory. Her extraordinary talent is underrated. Few writers are as successful at presenting a good story rife with secondary meaning. Irish was not her first language, and still she was one of the great writers to help start the Abby theatre. She co-wrote many plays with the greatest writer of her time. I aspire to encompass her drive and success in the arts.

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