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Title: Immigration Reform There is a broad based

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Essay Instructions: USE WRITER : bolavens

Final Paper is to be a comprehensive research study on the following public policy:

"Immigration Reform"

Your analysis of the topic will include:

*The scope and nature of the public policy problem.
*How the problem came to public and political awareness.
*The evolution of related public policy.
*Le*vel of government and the actors involved.
*The intergovernmental structure and political concerns.
*Conflicting public opinion and impact on policy solutions.
*The approaches to policy formulation, adoption, and evaluation.
*The suggested policy direction (continuation, change or termination) and future impact.
*Discrimination & prejudice has always been part of the federal immigration policies, going back to the start of our country.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited:

Citrin, J., Green, D., Muste, C. & Wong, C. (1997). Public opinion toward immigration reform: The role of economic motivations. The Journal of Politics. Vol. 59 (3) 858-881.

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Grant, D. (2012). Immigration reform: Is amnesty a possibility now? Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved May 7, 2013 from

Lynch, D. (2013). Immigration reform splits tech industry afflicted by outsourcing. Bloomberg. Retrieved May 7, 2013 from

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Title: Immigration Reform

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Essay Instructions: Describe the social justice implications of Immigration Reform.

What advocacy and community service efforts are available to social workers to provide services on both micro and macro levels.

What are the implications for the Black Perspective. The "Black Perspective" will be uploaded

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Excerpt From Essay:


Jonas, S. (2009). Immigration: A civil rights issue for the Americas. Wilmington, Del: Scholarly Resources.

Lusk, M.W., Staudt, K.A., & Moya, E. (2012). Social justice in the U.S.-Mexico border region. Dordrecht: Springer.

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Trotter, J.W. (2010). The Great migration in historical perspective: New dimensions of race, class, and gender. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

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Title: Immigration Reform

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Essay Instructions: An introduction and a thesis statement
A body with supporting evidence and in-text citations
A conclusion
A reference list with at least five to seven sources
Must have Level 1 headers
Annotated Bibliography
Must include pros/cons of immigration reform. Specifically health care costs, education, amnesty, guest worker program ie. worker visa, penalties to employers who hire illegal aliens, undocumented workers taking jobs from unemployed and underemployed US citizens that in turn keep wages low for Americans, reform protests from families of illegal aliens. Including statistics rising costs of health care and education costs.

Source Preferred to be utilized for cost of healthcare

Source: Stiffer Fines,2933,185267,00.html

Source: rare penalities for Employers who hire illegals


Must have annotated bibliography in APA format

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Excerpt From Essay:


Isbister, J. (1996). Are Immigration Controls Ethical? Social Justice, 23(3), 54+.

The above article provides a crucial and important overview of the ethical factors involve din the issue of immigration. This article argues that many of us are in a "...ethically fraught position with respect to immigration." Importantly it also reviews some of the most important reason for immigration control and weights this up against moral considerations

Costs of Illegal Immigration to New Yorkers. Retrieved October 26, 2006, at

This is a short but informative article which outlines the cost of immigration to the region in terms of the three main items of expenditure. The article also provides a valuable insight into the actual effects of immigration in a specific region.

Fact Sheet: Fair and Secure Immigration Reform. Retrieved October 26, 2006, at

This is an official statement which outlines the Government's view and succinctly presents the main points in relation to the wider issues at stake.

Feds Want Stiffer Penalties for Firms Hiring Illegal Aliens. Retrieved October 26, 2006 at,2933,185267,00.html

The case for access to information in combating illegal immigration is one of the issues addressed in this article. The article is concise but presents a number of pertinent facts that relate to the central issues in immigration. This is an important point-of-view that adds to out insight into the complexity of the problem.

Guest-Worker/Amnesty Is Immoral. (2006) Retrieved October 26, 2006 at strongly intentioned and direct article which outlines the view that the government's proposal is unethical and immoral. The argument is well written and carries some important implication and views for the issue as a whole.

Illegal immigration undermines American spirit. Retrieved October 26, 2006, at

This is an article that shows the difference between illegal and legal immigration and the important distinction between these two types. The article also presents a concise overview of the pro-stance with regard to the ethics of immigration in America.

Ivins M. (2006) Immigration 101. Retrieved October 25, 2006, at

This well written and concise piece provides an important view of the practical nature and benefits of illegal immigration. It offers a slightly cynical view which states basically that the reality of illegal immigration and the use of migrant labor are beneficial to both parties and will therefore continue.

Martin, Philip (2006)

The Battle Over Unauthorized Immigration to the United States. Retrieved October 25, 2006, at

This is a very comprehensive overview which presents up-to-date views and data on the issues in the immigration debate. The article also provides clear outlines the various options that are being discussed in an effort to find a solution to the problem of illegal aliens.

Hsu Spencer S. And Lydersen Kari. (2006) Illegal Hiring Is Rarely Penalized. Retrieved October 28, 2006, at short but to the point article, which clearly outlines one of the main contentions in the debate. The article also presents the economic and statistical implications of this point-of-view.

Longley R. (2004)

Illegal Immigration Costs California.5 Billion Annually. Retrieved October 28, 2006, at

An article that explores the costs of illegal immigration to California. The article presents rest some informative statistics and other data and illustrates the true cost of 'cheap labor'.

Tear Down the Wall": Global Exchange Statement on U.S.-Mexico Border Migration. Retrieved October 30, 2006, at

This article attacks what it terms as the "criminalization "of immigration. It suggests that cruel and unethical procedures are being used by the authorities to stem the tide of immigration. The article also critiques the reform measures and policies.

Winston E. Poll: Stricter Immigration Laws Wanted Earnest, Charlotte. Retrieved October 26, 2006, at

This short article provides an excellent overview of opinions about immigration in a certain area. It discuses the result of a poll conduced in the Carolinas and relates the results to the larger issues and to the possible avenues for reform.


Figure 1. Illegal immigrants in millions. Studies indicate that the number of immigrants has doubled in the last twelve years.

Source: (

Source: (

Figure 3. March 30, 2006, 3:29 P.M. Snapshot of CC Times poll results for the question

Immigration: What do you think of the effect on California of illegal or undocumented immigrants?

Source: (

See Appendix figure 1.

Further graphs and diagrams on immigration figures and statistics can be found in the Appendix.

See figure three in the Appendix for a summation of public views in immigration reform

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Title: immigration

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Essay Instructions: Assess the Bush administration plan for Immigration Reform: what are its major provisions, which inerest groups support and oppose these features and why, and explain the political and social consequences of major reform of this sort. conclude with your legislative recommendations, and a strong argument for what you think would be the best national policy on immigration. ( what does the constitution say about immigration? what did the founding framers say about this issue?) need 3 citation for the paper. from any resouces, such as internet or books.

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Excerpt From Essay:


FOX News. (January 7, 2004). Bush Calls for Overhaul of U.S. Immigration System. Retrieved from the Internet at,2933,107644,00.html.

Masugi, Ken. (October 31, 2005). Prop. 77's immigration angle: Illegal immigrants distort the value of voters in districts where they live.

Freedom Communications, Inc.

The White House. (January, 2004). Fact Sheet: Fair and Secure Immigration Reform. Retrieved from the Internet at

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