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Title: Money laundering in illegal drug trade and illegal gambling

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Essay Instructions: This should be comparison and contrasting of money laundering aspects of illegal drug trade and illegal gambling. Are there similarities in how they launder money? Are there differences?

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Title: Narco Terrorism

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Essay Instructions: state your views on the notion that illegal drug money is not just a logistic facilitation of terrorism, but in some cases, a root of terrorism.

State what methods that you think would be effective for suppressing money-laundering, given that money-laundering is absolutely indispensable to the illegal drug trade and most forms of terrorism.

Support your assertions with fact and / or logical reasoning, as if the reader has no fore-knowledge of these topics.

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Title: General politics presidency election

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Essay Instructions: there are four different topics here I need to get some information to be able to put together an oral presentation. I would like these kept separate. No More than 1/2-1 page on each is fine.
While there are a myriad of major policy issues facing our government today.The first is the growing levels of violence in the communities along our border with Mexico. By all reports, the drug cartels are essentially waging guerilla warfare within these communities as they bring in drugs and then retreat across the border. However, these criminals are not associated with any legitimate government so they are not “invading” our borders. The second issue relates to Obama’s proposals for health care reform. Depending on your political views, he is either trying to create socialized medicine run by the federal government or provide an option for healthcare to those that do not receive or can not afford private insurance that takes advantage of the large scale pool to reduce costs. In both of these situations, there is a large problem confronting the nation??"crime accompanying the illegal drug trade and the increasing costs of healthcare in a poor economy.

Under the constitution, who is responsible for attending to each of these two problems? The states or the federal government? Where are the powers found? Are they clearly expressed or implied? If the structure does not provide power to resolve the problem or does not provide power to the appropriate level of government, how should we remedy either problem? *Note: while this discussion may enter into the realm of which proposal is more reasonable or preferable, this discussion is really about the powers provided and limitations of our constitution.

Currently, there are already names floating about for a run against Obama in 2012. Not surprisingly, the names are all Republicans because the Democrats are not yet ready to eat their own (meaning right now the Dems have a popular incumbent.) So far, the names discussed are: Tim Pawlenty (Governor of MN); Mitt Romney (Former Governor of MA); Sarah Palin (Governor of AL and VP candidate 2008); Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker of the House from GA), and Mike Huckabee (Former Governor AR).

Give an hypotheses (educated guesses) on why these names are floating around already. Why are these names coming forward less than a year after Obama’s inauguration? Will these same names be around in a year from now? Will others surface? If so, under what conditions? Finally, What strategy will Mitt Romney need to follow to beat Obama in 2012 and why?

President Obama, seems to be following a two-tiered strategy. Early on, he went up to the Hill and met with Republicans and, as we saw in his press conference, he willing noted that good ideas come from everywhere. But he is also making multiple public appearances and defending his policy choices directly with the public. Is his two-tiered strategy working, yes or no? Is Obama able to capitalize on his popularity and unified government? Please include information based on reported facts and data.

4.Thinking further about the separation of powers and the presidency. It is fairly clear that George W. Bush, and many in his administration, were interested in expanding the powers of the president. Given his low approval ratings at the end of his presidency, this strategy did not endear him to the public at the end of his second term (although his legacy may be very different a la Nixon or Carter). How is this public mood affecting Obama’s use of his presidential powers? What role is the media playing in this situation? Again, provide your thoughts and opinions, but try and back it up as best as you can.

Number of sources is not a requirement i chose 4 since this is what you offer.

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