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Title: write compare contrast essay story illiad Metamorphoses book 5 ceres proserpina You compare contrast charactors prima iliad Jupiter

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Essay Instructions: write both compare and contrast essay about story of illiad with Metamorphoses book 5 [ceres and proserpina]. You have to compare and contrast two charactors [ prima in iliad with Jupiter]

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Title: see below

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the representation of one of the following concepts or themes in TWO of the following works:

1) Athena

2) ‘The End’ [of the work, the story,etc??" not death.]

3) Body!parts

Below are the translations to use:

THE ILIAD (FSG, trans. Fitzgerald)
THE ODYSSEY (FSG, trans. Fitzgerald)
(U. Chicago, trans. Grene & Lattimore)
SOPHOCLES I (tr. Grene & Lattimore)
MEDEA in EURIPIDES I (tr. Warner)
(Oxford, trans Waterfield)
AND OTHER PLAYS (Penguin, trans.

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Title: The Iliad

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Essay Instructions: Topic is The Iliad / The Role of Fate and the Gods Then and Now

This is to be a writing about impressions on the topic. No sites are required. I want to discuss how the the characters in the Iliad felt that their fate was predestined and their survival and success was dependant largely on the gods favor of them. How the gods were actively involved in the almost daily lives of these characters, using them, blessing them, punishing them, etc. Contrast that with modern times. We more commonly feel that we control our destiny and the role that the deity plays in our daily lives is more passive.

I need 10 pages.

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Essay Instructions: NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!!!!!!! Use Iliad translated by R. Lattimore
Formal essay style with clear thesis statement, and textual evidence and cited in support of arguments.
1 )Information that sets up the thesis statement
Avoid: A) no mere plot-summary (retell plot-events only as necessary to set up your argument)
B) no generalization about the " Greeks" , focus rather on what happens in the literary world of the author.
2) thesis statement. your essay should not " show how" something operates but establish that something is true
First argument paragraph:
1) topic sentence: general conclusion drawn from a group of evidence in support of your thesis
2) Evidence: evidence from text ( quote/ cite) and how it supports your argument.
3) concluding statement; recapitulate topic sentence
Second argument paragraph.....
third argument paragraph....
1) restate that the argument you have made and the evidence you have cited establish that your thesis is correct

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