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Essay Instructions: Marketing Product Paper, I would like to have the writer username:Baldwinmba work on this paper since they have been great with this subject. - This essay will cover the product description which is Identity Theft Protection and Clean-up, our company is based in Canada but we are starting to market in the U.S., the purpose of the company is to offer identity theft protection but also offer services to help with the clearing up of ones credit and reputation if their identity has been stolen or compromised, by helping to restore one credit worthiness. Next part will deal with explaining the products positioning in the market place. Next explain the targeting of my product and who will benefit. Last sections will focus on describing and explaining the market needs. Finally describe the market potential and growth.

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Title: Identity Theft

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Essay Instructions: Explain common computer crimes in your introduction. Focus your paper on Identity Theft. Explain how identity theft works and explain how identity theft can be prevented. Address arguments for and against your topic, using the processes of critical thinking.Make sure that your thoughts are cohesive and your paragraphs clear by organizing your paper and writing about one issue, thought, or idea at a time.

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Title: Identity theft

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Essay Instructions: The topic is "Identity Theft". Please discuss its historical context and identify connections between technology and applicable social issues.
Inside text citation is required-APA style format.
I want Serban Brebenel to be writer for this paper.
This paper has to be well organized-high quality.

Thank you,

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Title: Identity Theft

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Essay Instructions: Please follow the outline topics that I have perpared.


Identity Theft

Project Abstract/Information sheet???????????????????III

I. Introduction

? What is Identity Theft????????????????????..
? How identity theft occurs???????????????????
? Steps you can take to help prevent identity theft
? Identify theft laws?????????????????????.
? Specific Problems, which occurs with identity theft

II. Identify Theft on the Internet

? Perpetrate Identity Theft???????????..
? How you give people access to your information through the Internet
? How to avoided Internet theft

III. Identify theft: Managing the Risk Management.

VI. What?s new for the future to prevent identity theft?

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