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Title: identity

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Essay Instructions: Identity is most often thought of as the characteristics and behaviors that make us who we are; that distinguish us as individuals or connect us to certain groups of people. There are many factors that make up and contribute to a person's identity.
Wendell Berry, an American writer believes that "If you don't know where you are, you don't know who you are" which implies that identity or one's understanding of oneself, is directly related to ones understanding of one's place.
What is your response to Berry's idea? What do you see as the relationship between where we are and who we are?
A?n your essay you will need to discuss specific passages from two texts. as well as your own experiences and observations on this topic.In your essay discuss and question, investigate different perspectives on the topic and come to your own opinion.

Text we read: Into the wild- Jon Krakauer.
A small place- Jamaica Kincaid
or I will send this text: The strange death of silas deane
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Essay Instructions: Strategic Planning & Implementation - If possible I would like writer maryamkazi to continue with this subject. My paper is continuing with a Identity Theft Company I am launching here in the U.S. my company name is Identity Theft Corp.(ITC) Last week the company was patterned after Life Lock, but my company will add another service to our services will we also offer credit monitoring and credit fraud cleanup and do all of the leg work when it comes to restoring ones credit for both businesses and private citizens.The assignment is dealing with External and Internal Environmental Analysis.I need to complete a comprehensive environmental scan and analysis for the company that includes a SWOTT analysis and a detailed analysis of the company's resources. Perform a detailed Competitive Market Analysis, which also covers; assesses the organizations competitive position and possibilities. I need to identify and analyze the geographical location for my operations, the best location to open my business location, state city etc. I was using L.A Ca. My paper should be consistent with professional/business guideline standards or a business proposal.

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Essay Instructions: Q1 500 words = How can studying material culture (the objects people possess and relate to) allow us to identify the difference between ‘self’ and ‘social’ identities? How are our identities expressed through our relations with material culture?

Q2 500 words = How does society regulate gender identity? To what extent can an individual choose or change their gender identity?

HARVARD Referencing

Referencing to key works is encouraged, though analytic perception and precision is more highly rewarded than size of bibliography

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Essay Instructions: REQUEST WRITER: pheelyks


Essay Topic: In the attached document, Williams argues that we should reject the psychological criterion of personal identity in favour of the bodily criterion of personal identity over time. Why? Reconstruct his argument.

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