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Title: Grave's disease

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2201 Sources: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper requires an Abstract.

1. Overview and brief history
2. Causes
3 Signs and Symptoms
4. Pathophysiology( This paper is for my Immunology class so do a considerable amount of research in this section)
*TSHR - Antibody interactions,
*Genetic factors: genes HLA ( human leucocyte antigen) and the relationship genes have with identical twins
* and whatever else you can find.
5. The 3 major manisfestations: Hyperthyroidism with diffuse goiter Ophthalmopathy and Dermopathy.
6. Possible treatments
7. I leave the rest to you.

I will provide four links to sources I found on Pubmed and EBSCOhost.
EBSCOhost username: wliberst
password: liberty
The last two sources I leave up to you, but please try to get your source from Pubmed and EBSCOhost or from the list of databases from my school. This makes it much easier for me if I need to reference the material. here is the link:
Same username and pw.

This is my 3rd semester with this professor and i'm afraid she is familiar with my writing style.( or lack of)
With that being said (and I know this sounds stupid) but please try to write like a 23 year old undergrad. So yes, I am asking you to "dumb" it down.

I will have to submit this paper via so please be careful.

thats all I have.

thank you

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Title: veterinary nursing anaesthesia and analgesia case journal

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1318 References: 10 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I am in my final year of an advanced veterinary nursing diploma and have to create a 5 case reflective journal on different anasethetic cases. I would like two of the written up at 600 words each case study. I will forword the guidance notes. I need 6 references per case study.

The first case will be a neonate - 12 week old jack russel puppy that has eaten a babies dummy, the main point of the case studies is to highlight the anasthesia requirements and protocol. To highlight the relevance of effect on renal function etc. speed of recovery , analgesia etc. see guidance notes re writing up and stick to a hundred percent.
emphasis is on knowledge and show understanding.
all good for this case, point to emphasise-avoid premeds that undergo extensive hepatic metabolism, so avoid acp. use opiod alone, avoid alpha-2 agonists as cause profound bradycardia that a young pups cardiac systems woulndt cope with,minimise hypothermia by warming prep area and use bearhugger and sat why. the reflective part of this case study will mention the low temperature and that we should have had monitored temp after op and should have had bear hugger.potential probs is hypoglycemia so monitor for this etc

the second case is a 12 year old geriatric cat going for a thyroidectomy- it has hyperthyroidism. knowledge of which anasethetic are best for this as hyperthyroidism has effects on anaesthetic risk. hyperthyroidism can have affects on renal, gastric, cardiac so have to use specific drug regeems to avoid this. example do not use non steroidals as they effect renal system. this has to be very specific knowledge and understanding of drugs used and avoided.
have to discuss drugs on cats renal function, risk of hypothermia due to thin body mass, monitor rate and rythm of heart rate as hyperthyroidism can effect cariac system, cirulating volume, oxygen demand. etc,

theese case studies have to be reflective. You have to mention if the out come was good and why and what could be done better to improve speed of recovery for example. need to reference all statements by harvard system.

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Excerpt From Essay:

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