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Instructions for Hypertension College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: the essay is regarding community nursing.
The Essay is About Hypertension among African American In the city of Irvington, New Jersey.

you must cover at least 2 area of each part of the 5 subsystem of the SDS Assessment Categories
a. Biological
b. Intrapersonal
c. Interpersonal
d. Non-human environmental
e. Socio-cultural

and related them to the hypertension problem in the community of irvington, New Jersey

I started the paper, but i feel that i need some help with it. the paper is due 3/31/2013 at 8pm eastern time

you can put as many sources that you want.

attach are some document to help you with the paper

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Evaluate and treat patients who present with hypertension hypercholesterolemia and moderate depression

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1972 References: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Case Scenario:

Mr. P is a 65 year-old Hispanic male who present to the clinic for a refill of his medications. He was recently seen by the Corporate MD for sinus and allergy problems. His past medical history is significant for hypertension (poorly controlled) on diet, asthma, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), chronic sinus problems, obesity, and occasional back pain. Recent labs reveal LDL of 220.

Chief complaints: Nocturia x several months - was recently prescribed a medication to control urinary symptoms, but cannot recall the name of the medication.

Patient reports "feeling sad" and "emotionally exhausted" recently, and is unable to complete his usual activities at work. He complains of feeling "inadequate at work", and notes difficulty sleeping over the last 2 months. Mr. P notes periods of "crying" although, she doesn't know why he is crying. Denies feelings of suicidality or homicide.

Present medications include: Nasalide 2 sprays each nostril, Sudafed 60mg PO q6h prn, Naprosyn 375mg PO qd.

Cholesterol profile is as follows: Total cholesterol-280mg/dL, HDL-25mg/dL, LDL-189mg/dl, Serum Creatinine-0.9, BUN-10, Weight-100kg

Vital Signs: BP-168/92 on 2 separate occasions, Pulse-100, Respiration-24, Afebrile

Physical Exam:
Skin: no rashes; xanthelasma palpabrarum
HEENT: anicteric, PERRLA, EOMI
Neck: no thyromegaly, no lymphadenopathy, no carotid bruits, JVD,2cm jugular venous distension
Chest: S1S2-no murmurs, occasional premature beat, apical pulse at 5th intercostals space just lateral to the midclavicular line
CV: lungs clear to A&P
Abd: soft, non-distended, no HSM
Genit/Rect: deferred
Muscle/Extremities: no weakness
Neuro: cranial nerves II-XII intact, grossly non-focal

Lab Values:
Na: 135mEq/L
K: 4.0mEq/L
CL: 103mEq/L
Calcium: 8.4mg/dL
Phosphate: 4.2mg/dL
BUN: 10mg/dL
Serum Creatinine: 0.9mg/dL
Glucose: 104mg/dL
Hgb: 13g/dL
Hct: 45%
Total Protein: 6.3g/dL
Albumin: 4.2g/dL
Total Cholesterol: 352
LDL: 160
HDL: 32
Triglyceride: 500

The paper should discuss ALL of the followings:
1). Pathophysiology of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and depression based on Mr. P case scenario.
2). Description of the Mr. P disease as well as the specific factors in his history which need to be considered with respect to management.
3). Goal of therapy for Mr. P (e.g. what is the target BP for Mr. P? What is the target LDL for Mr. P? HDL? Total cholesterol? ...etc.)
4). How would characterize the severity of blood pressure? (should also discuss Mr. P situation too).

-- must be in APA format
-- all research articles should be in highest level of evidence-based practice, i.e. either randomized controlled trail or meta-analysis review articles
-- all material sources must be between 2008-2011

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: hypertension

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1553 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Descibe the disease(give history of disease, what is being done to diagnosis and treat the disease, etc).

These are the instruction my teacher gave us I picked hypertension for my topic. Please put it in APA format and have five references hopefully something I can find in library if I need to check it. Also my writing I would say is average so keep that in mind. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: hypertension

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1461 Bibliography: 10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The purpose of this paper is to provide the opportunity to explore how a specific health issue affects families.
I have chosen hypertension, a chronic illness, that directly affects my own family.
Provide some background information about the disease-such as description or definition of the illness, incidence, prevalence, and/or available statistics.
Describe the impact the illness has on the family. Provide support for your premises from the professional literature.
Discuss how families adapt and cope. Provide support for your discussion from the profesional literature, including nursing interventions.
Paper should contain a minimum of 1500 words and include a minimum of 10 references from nursing and family-related professional journals and periodicals. These journals/periodicals must be no older than 5 years. They also must be scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. The paper will be graded on a Rubric scale. MUST BE IN APA FORMAT

Excerpt From Essay:

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