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Title: Hunting the Jackal Reaction Paper

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Essay Instructions: Hunting the Jackal: Reaction Paper

Format: The paper should be four to five pages in length. You may use MLA or APA format, but be consistent. Use the same format throughout. Consult the Chicago Manual of Style for any questions you may have. I expect you to cite specific passages from the book to support your points.

Grammar: Try to avoid passive sentences and write in the active voice. Be consistent in your use of tense, with either the past-tense or present-tense.

Approach: The essay should be your direct reaction to the book, not a mere summary of the book.

Referencing the textbook: You may reference the textbook to place Hunting the Jackal in the broader context of the Cold War, Vietnam and the war against terrorism.

Sample Questions: There are only suggestions on how to approach the reading You do not have to user either or any of these questions to form you response to the book.

What does Hunting the Jackal reveal about the ways in which the US responded to the Cold War? What does the book suggest about the evolution of the armed forces and the use of guerilla units during the Cold Warm the daily missions, struggles, and gangers if Special Forces units?

What does the book reveal about the evolution of warfare overt the past 50 years?
Consider groups such as SOG, ODA, CIDG, and JSOC.

How did the Cold War affect the rest of the world? Hawaii, Sudan, Libya, Vietnam. Afghanistan.

How are either of these events listed as microcosms of the Cold War? Bong Son Raid, Operation 35, Ba Kev, Khartoumm how he contextualized Osama bin Laden, Edwin Wilson

His take, a soldier’s take, on politics? Vietnamization, the Church Committee, the “Patton Formula”, “do-gooders”, “foot-draggers”, “lethal findings”, “Stockholm Syndrome”

His take on certain administrations? Nixon, Clinton, Reagan, for example.

What does the book reveal about the conflict between the U.S State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency?

You may also mention the characters and their place in global diplomacy: Colonel Savuth, Colonel Simmons, Abdel Rahman, Hassan al-Turabi President Omar Hassan, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, Edwin Wilson, and Osama bin Laden.

What, if anything, about Hunting the Jackal surprised you? Did the book contradict or support other depiction of the war such as the textbook, other books you have read, movies you may have seen?

Finally, you should also be critical and address anything about the book that you did or did not like. This is, however, a book written by a soldier, so try not to overburdened or dismay about the use if military jargon regarding such as weapons or aircrafts. Be sure, however, to use examples throughout the book, not just the beginning or the end.

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