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Title: sexual tranmitted disease

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Essay Instructions: i gotten the two pre page term paper write up earlier this semester which i ll paste here so you know where to continue from. the whole term paper is 10 pages with 10 sources....i ll paste the 2 page and 2 souces here so you can include them in the whole paper!!
please make sure all the spellings are right, and the paper has to really good this is my last hope to passing!!
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Sexual Transmitted Disease:
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) refers to illnesses or infections that are spread through human sexual behaviors and are also known as venereal disease or sexually transmitted infections. These diseases usually occur through a variety of ways including anal sex, vaginal intercourse, and oral sex with the most common means being through sexual intercourse with an infected person. There are various types of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, and HIV/AIDS. However, the main causes of sexually transmitted diseases are viruses, parasites, and bacteria. While these diseases affect both men and women, they are usually severe in women than men. Though most of these diseases are treatable, some of them still lack effective cures like Hepatitis B and C, and HIV/AIDS. In the past few years, STDs have become among the most common infectious illnesses and one of the major causes of death in America. Consequently, it’s important to explore the various types of these diseases, their causes, spread of the illnesses, their treatment, and preventive measures.
Types of STDs:
As previously mentioned, there are various types of sexually transmitted diseases with divergent cause, symptoms, treatment, and preventive measures. They include …
This is a bacterial infection that is transmitted by sexual contact through an organism known as Neisseria Gonorrheae. As one of the oldest known STDs, the symptoms of gonorrhea include frequent urination, burning, itching, swelling of genitals, and a yellowish vaginal discharge (Stoppler & Shiel, n.d.). While the disease can result in serious pelvic infection if untreated, its treatment involves a single injection of penicillin. Consequently, the disease is easy to stop because its bacterium only survives in certain conditions.
It’s a bacterium that results in a sexually transmitted disease in a similar manner like gonorrhea especially in the way it spreads and the symptoms it produces. Chlamydia is mostly found in the urethra and cervix and can survive in the rectum and throat just like gonorrhea. Since many infected men and women normally lack the symptoms of this infection, they spread the disease unknowingly. However, some of the most common symptoms of the disease include uterine cervix infection and destruction of the Fallopian tubes. The treatment of this disease involves the use of antibiotics like doxycycline and azithromycin while prevention is through the use of a condom or protective barrier.
Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases:
Sexually transmitted diseases spread rapidly because they affect both men and women of all ages regardless of their background, social status, and race. These diseases have continued to increase in the recent past because people are increasingly becoming sexually active at a younger age, ignore the use of preventive methods, and have multiple sexual partners. Furthermore, the spread of the disease is also associated with the fact that infected people can transmit the diseases without having any symptoms (Stoppler & Davis, n.d.). On the other hand, sexually transmitted diseases are sometimes passed from infected mothers to their children before, during, and straight away after birth.
Throughout the research paper, I will use analyses conducted by various medical agencies and health professionals to explore these diseases in details. The paper will identify the reasons for the increased spread of these diseases and the preventive measures to help curb this growing problem.
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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Expectations of each gender in comprehensive and abstinence only education

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Essay Instructions: My thesis: By discussing the expectations of each gender, in both comprehensive and abstinence-only education, one can determine that comprehensive sex education places an over-emphasis on the female’s duty to be responsible while abstinence-only education does the same for males.

*Need to create theoretical question from this thesis.

-Critical evaulation of the topic.
-Indicate the theoretical question you are evaluating (put in bold)
-must have four labeled sections in the paper as outlined below:
1. History of the Issue (include the theoretical question here)
2. Current theories and perspectives
3. Research data from published journal articles
4. Evaluation, critique, and SYNTHESIS of the the theoritcal question based on the research findings. Discuss the implications of teh research for our better understanding of human sexual behavior.

A few questions to answer/consider:
1. Are both genders evaluated in the studies?
2. How does it differ between comprehensive vs abstinence educators?
Note: ***Make gender issue first then how it is supported by sex ed approaches. Does the research support the idea that the two approaches actually place the burden on different genders? If so, what can be done? Why do you think the different approaches would deal with the genders differntly?***

Works cited: 8 research based published journal references that are dicussed in the body of the apepr. APA reference style format (only initials of authors' first names)

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Contraceptive Attitudes and Behavior. Family Relations 30(2), p. 247-253.
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Associated with the Content of Sex Education in U.S. Public Secondary Schools.
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Excerpt From Essay:

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