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Title: anesthesia inhalation agents effects on human physiology

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Essay Instructions: Effects of anesthesia inhalation agents(desflurane, enflurane ,halothane, isoflurane ,nitrous oxide ,sevoflurane)on human physiology. No textbook references only professional periodicals.

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Title: Anatomy and Physiology I

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Essay Instructions: Anatomy & Physiology I
Please keep your responses brief.
1. Pretend that you don't know anything about the various functions that bone performs. How might the visible anatomy (or physical nature) of bones help you identify their function? What is this principle called?
2. Imagine that you have become dehydrated, and therefore, quite thirsty. What is the probable stimulus in this scenario, what is your likely response, and does it represent a positive or negative feedback mechanism and why?
3. Define homeostasis and briefly describe why it is important in human physiology.
4. In anatomical position, how many planes can be described and what are their names?
5. In directional terms, how might you describe the relationship of the eyes to the mouth?
6. Why are you taking the Anatomy & Physiology I course?

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Title: Social Justice in Global Health

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Essay Instructions: The quality of participation will be graded by the use of at least two in-text citations on each original posting (with references at the end of your posting), the frequency and quality of blog postings (both original and peer responses), the application of course content and concepts to current events reflecting global health issues, and by demonstrating the use of the textbook content in the student?s postings. The use of at least one in-text citation is highly recommended in peer responses as well.The use of current media events and other grey literature is acceptable in the blog.

The purpose of the blog is to explore how the human experience of the physical environment across diverse geographic locations shapes the health of individuals and populations. Students will explore how individuals and community level responses to the physical environment become embedded in biopyschosocial structures in populations. The topic focus or the Blog is to explore how the place experience "inhabits" (Sundstrom, 2003) and influences the health of communities and populations.
Explore the following main themes and create a Blog for each one, no plargerism, and sources no older then 5 years.
1. How individual and community social behaviors and responses to the physical environment alter, disrupt, impair and/or damage the ability of human physiology to fight infectious diseases. The following concepts will be explored: drug resistant microorganisms, herd immunity, and re-emergence of vaccine preventable diseases, genetic susceptibility of some populations.
2. How the practice decisions of health care providers, health educators, health organizations, policy nation and globally. Consider the leadership and management roles of nurses in recognizing the global health implications of patient education, screening and care delivery management.

3. The global health implications of the dramatic movement of people, goods and ideas related to increased access to a means of travel and the technologic explosion of the Internet.
Causes and contributors to the numerous global health disparities, predictions of global health patterns, predictions of the leading causes of diseases or injury worldwide, and the relationship of these to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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Title: Cardiopulmonary summary

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Essay Instructions: My Cardiopulmonary Summary.

Through Mr Steve Shideler, MSHS, RRT program director Instructor Cardiopulmonary Sciences Program of UCF, I had opportunity to know and met Charles J. Gutierrez, PhD, RRT, FAARC. Assistant Chief, Neurorespiratory Care James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa. At the hospital Dr. Gutierrez tour me around, introduced me with his patients. Doctor also had shown me the respiratory therapist’s work, for instant; how to take care of patients and how a respiratory therapist does to recognize when problem occur.
Dr Gutierrez took me around and allowed me to see Bowman Dustin, one of his patients; he is 23 year old, was in air force and just transfer to this hospital about a week ago. He had Cervical 1 injured and his left lung was deflated therefore his body totally affected. While doing the observation at this hospital I have seen that as a respiratory therapist, one must know the patient‘s medical condition and to provide fully effective treatment for the patient. Respiratory therapist must knowledgeable about the human physiology and chemically as well as the condition inside and outside their patients. For example; how the lung function in order to perceive the equally gas exchanged, how much the diagram has been charged in order to control the body’s movement.
From this observation I have found that the respiratory therapist plays an important role in health care system. ….

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