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Title: Human Nature

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Essay Instructions: This is a Ecology class
The paper should be about Human Nature
It should be extremely against Marx and pro Capitalism
It should use lots of Nietzsche's ideologies about human nature to stand agains the idea of human equality from Marx
will communicate with writer regarding any future requirements. The paper is not due till end of fall semester but lets have the due date for Nov 15th just in case adjustments happens after the paper

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Theoretical Integrative Paper

Part 1.
Describe your understanding of Human Nature, Human Function and Dysfunction i.e. what is "normal" human functioning and how do individuals get into difficulties and problems in life.

Part ll.
Evaluate the 3 theories you have been introduced to in this module: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Constructive Psychotherapy and Redecision Therapy, in terms of their applicability to your understanding of human nature, human function and dysfunction as articulated in Part 1.

Part lll.
Based on your readings, practicum experience and reflection, consider the possibility of a synthesis of the three theories that you have studied.

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I have attached the format requirement and 2 essays as example to help guide writer as to what we are looking for in the essay.

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Essay Instructions: I want a paper exploring and comparing the theories of the philosophers Plato and Thomas Hobbes. I want the paper to discuss their ideas of government and human nature. I want the paper to include the differences between Plato?s idealism and Hobbes?s empiricism in order to get at the roots of their views of human nature. The paper should allow me to understand how two people could arrive at similar, non-democratic, ideas of government from such different notions of epistemology. Overall, the paper should assess both philosopher?s theories and especially the way in which their different epistemologies inform their ideas of human nature and of justice. Plato and Hobbes perceive human beings and their role within the state and society differently, they also both have radically opposing views on human nature in general, I also want this discussed in my paper.

The works used for this paper should include the following -

Annas, Julie An Introduction to Plato?s Republic (Oxford)
Deitz, Mary (ed) Thomas Hobbes and Political Theory (Kansas)
Hobbes, Thomas Leviathan (Penguin)
_____________ On the Citizen (De Cive) (Charles River)
_____________ Elements of Law (Penguin)

Plato The Last Days of Socrates (Penguin)
_____The Republic (Basic Books)
_____The Symposium (Penguin)
_____ Timiaeus and Critias (Penguin)

Woolhouse, R.S. The Empiricists (Oxford)

Please if you have any questions please ask.

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Title: Human Nature

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Essay Instructions: The Topic is of the following:
Discuss and evaluate both the Hindu and the Buddhist theories of human nature and their implications such as 'Are human beings innately good or evil, competitive or cooperative,peaceful or violent;gender nature and sexism;racial nature and racism. In what ways do these theories differ from each other? In what ways do they differ from western theories of human nature?

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