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Title: how our anatomy affects human culture and behavior

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Essay Instructions: Write a short essay discussing how our anatomy affects human culture and behavior. Your essay should consider how humans are similar to other living things and what makes humans unique.

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

Balter, Michael. "Why Are Our Brains So Ridiculously Big?" 2012. Web.

Johnson, Kimball. "How the Lungs and Respiratory System Work." 2012. Web.

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Title: 1 The study culture change present distinct ways By 1 How human Culture a capital C changed bands simple foraging cultures roamed land large sedentary complex industrial civilizations 2 How specific cultures changed primarily a result contact cultures

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Essay Instructions: 1. The study of culture change has been present throughout this course in two distinct ways. By looking at:
1. How and why human Culture (with a capital C) has changed from bands of relatively simple foraging cultures that roamed the land to large, sedentary, complex industrial civilizations.
2. How and why specific cultures have changed, primarily as a result of contact with other cultures.
Write a brief paragraph describing each of these processes.
2. Summarize the Trobriand Islanders using the outline provide below.
Trobriand Islanders
A. Location and History
B. The importance and Role of Yams
C. The Kula
D. Cricket
E. Retaining Trobriand Culture in the Modern World
3. Provide examples of the process of (1) diffusion (2) acculturation (3) globalization drawn from description of the game of cricket as it developed in the Trobriand Islands. In your answer draw from the assigned outline to identify traditional elements of Trobriand culture the underwent change as they were incorporated into the game of cricket.
1. What do you think an anthropologist who conducted her fieldwork in Afghanistan should do if she is asked by the military to serve as a consultant? What ethical problems do you see arising?
2. What do you see an advantage and a disadvantage to our culture when immigrants become acculturated to the United States?
(14.2) 3. Which folk remedies have you heard about from friends or members of your family?

How I want this paper.
1. Question 1-3 must be 300 words per page. I want each page number according to the questions. For the outline I also want the subheading and then the paragraph.
I want 50 words per question for a total of 300 per page.

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(Scanned Document) Culture Change and Globalization. Chapter 13.

HomeRemedyHaven. (2011). Why go natural. Retrieved December 3, 2011 from

Lockwood, V. (2004). Globalization and Cultural Change in the Pacific Islands. Prentice Hall.

Malinwoski, B. (1921) The Primitive Economics of the Trobriand Islanders. Economic Journal, volume 31, 1921, pp. 1-16.

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Title: questions

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Essay Instructions: • Please answer the following questions (approx 1-2 paragraphs in length, with as many different points as you can incorporate.) ??"please use simple terminology.
What is the anthropological understanding of progress?
What is an Egocentric and socio-centric views of self?
What is an Applied anthropology and body image?
What is the The political economy of online culture (example Second Life)
Explain progress theory and the anthropological understanding of progress in relation to the transformation of human societies over the last 10,000 years.
What does it mean to say that “Human culture has always been virtual”?
What is techne?
What does it mean to say “we are now in the age of techne”?
How can virtual worlds (ex second life) provide real human experiences?
Can virtual worlds (second life) become true communities?
How can a virtual world (second life) creat a sense of place by way of the presence of people?
Do virtual worlds (second life) Have the possibility of creating disinhibitions or the redefinition of social inhibitions
What is a Political economy?
Describe/define internet shaped political economic trends and list both negatives and positives. (ex creative vs advertising)
What is neoliberalism?
What is Creationist capitalism?
What is California ideology?

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Title: Sea Level Rise

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Sea level rise (as a result of global warming) and the possible impacts upon human culture. This paper should deal with a physical aspect of the environment as it affects human culture, then briefly discuss its impact on a people or culture. There must be at least 5 reference sources to support essay. All sources must be peer-reviewed books or journal articles and must be cited, with page numbers, within the body of the paper as well as listed in the works cited page at the end.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Barth, Michael C. And Titus, James G. Greenhouse Effect and Sea Level Rise: A Challenge for this Generation. Environmental Protection Agency, 1984.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Response Strategies Working Group. Strategies for Adaptation to Sea Level Rise. November, 1990.

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8; 306(5694):255-258.

Warrick, R.A. Climate and Sea Level Change: Observations, Projections and Implications.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993.

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