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Essay Instructions: Our major is Hotel Management and this course is Strategy and Change: A Service Industry Approach. For this report is to write an environmental analysis of a particular industry sector: Gold Coast (Australia) five-star accommodation sector. I will send the additional materials and report style in upload file. Please check it carefully. The reference style is APA.

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Essay Instructions: it is a case study essay, all of support materials will be shown in the PDF files. this is a hotel management major assignment. All information and reference need to related to Hotel industry, it will be better under the Australia hotel industry background.
The writer is necessary to read the case study carefully, lots of information will be in the case. need to analysis the problems through out the whole essay.Executive Summary necessary.
i need the writer whose name is MS Writer to help me to do this essay.
Any information you need you can contact with me, no plagiarism, we have the safe assign systems. Thank you.

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Title: hotel motel management operations

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3702 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Text book title: Hotel, Motel Management and Operation ISBN 0-13-095795-x Author: Gray

Must provide a comprehensive study on the structure of hotel management, including staffing, reservation system, customer service and public relations.

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Essay Instructions: Our major is Hotel Management and this course is Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hotel Management. For this report is to write an essay about benefits of sustainable approach to tourism management with Corporate Social Responsibility in the tourism and hotel industry. We are under the Australian education background, so you need to focus on the research about Australian hospitality industry, especially for the hotel industry. That's very important!

Another point is this course has SafeAssign(online test matching service) to check the referencing and paraphrasing is correct, so please make sure that is this essay does not plagiarize.

I have already uploaded the three files. They are assessment topic & structure, criteria sheet and one sutainability lecture notes. That lecture notes is very important to the essay, you can read that before start the essay, and please concerned with the triple bottom line ? social, environmental, economic factors.

Please check that,if anything is not clearly, contact me immediately.Thank you!

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