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Title: Ebola outbreak in US

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Essay Instructions: 1. The 3 page paper should be taken almost entirely from Richard's Preston "The Hot Zone".

2. The body of the paper should be in 'Superscripted' for Referencing citations.

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Editors. "Questions and Answers about Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever." Centers for Disease Control. 2005. 23 Nov. 2007.

Preston, Richard. The Hot Zone. New York: Anchor Books, 1994.

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Title: healthcare

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Essay Instructions: Activity 2 - Choice [300 possible points] [Minimum 3 FULL pages/choice]

Students are going to have a choice with this activity. Please choose only one from the following:

1.And The Band Played On - 1993 Home Box Office Film - Produced by Midge Sanford and Sarah Pillsbury - Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. This movie is in the library on reserve and may be viewed there. It can't be removed from the library. You may find copies on the Internet.

2.The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

3.A review of an article that pertains to community health. Must clear the topic with your group leader.

When writing your And The Band Played On movie review, answer the following questions.

1.What was your reaction when Don Francis stood up in the meeting and said "how many more have to die before you will do something about it?" or words to that effect. He was speaking to the blood banking industry.

2.What was your overall reaction to the American government's stand on this disease?

3.Why do you think the government considered this a moral issue and not a health issue?

4.Do you think, after seeing the movie, that the study of the disease would have been different if heterosexuals were being hit just as hard initially, as homosexuals?

5.Pick one character you liked and talk about why you liked them.

6.Pick a character you didn't like and talk about why you didn't like them.

7.What is the connection between the subject of this movie and community health?

8.Do you think that new emerging diseases should always be treated as a health issue regardless of origin? Why or why not?

When writing your paper on The Hot Zone
1.Write a review of the entire book.

2.Tell us what the connection is between the subject of the book and community health.

3.Should the general public be made aware of the dangers of these microbes and how would one go about educating them?

When writing your review of the article be sure to discuss the connection between the article and community health.

You will write your minimum three full pages paper, using the following format:
1. 1.5 spacing instead of double.
2. 1 inch margins, not 1.25 which is what Word defaults to on the left and right. Do Not move the ruler at the top of the page to fix your margins. Use "File" then "Page Setup" to set the margins.

3.Use 14 pt font (Arial or Times New Roman) for the paper.
4.On the cover page you should have the following on the top LEFT corner. DO NOT INDENT:

• Your name
• Title of the assignment
• The date you are dropping the assignment
• Your email address

How to make a cover page.... at the end of the information on your cover page insert a page break from the Insert tab in Word. That will separate your cover page from the body of your paper.

5. Do not repeat the questions, but answer them in order using a research style format where one paragraph flows into the other. Do not leave spaces between paragraphs. Indent the first line of each paragraph. Do not play with the before and after line spacing. They should be left at 0 pt. Only change the line spacing to 1.5.

6. A header on your paper with your name in it. This will place your name on each page. Use View on the tool bar to set up the header. Check in Page Set-up that it is 0.5 inches. Do Not play with the ruler at the top of the page to set margins or headers.

7. Points will be lost for grammar, spelling and for formatting errors.

8. Save your paper in an earlier Word format as Linda works in Word 2003, not Word 2007 or Vista. Sometimes she can't open later versions of Word. That means your grade will be delayed until you can get it to her in a version she can open and read. Teach can now open 2007 documents.
When using the Internet, text book, magazine or other source to help you answer a question, you need to cite your source(s). Failure to do so can lead to a plagiarism charge which means a zero for the assignment, a possible expulsion from the course and/or the university. If you don't know how to cite your papers, read the APA formatting guideline I left for you on the Assignment page.

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Excerpt From Essay:


And the Band Played on. Dir. Roger Spottiswoode. Perf. Ian McKellan, Alan Alda, Matthew Modine, Home Box Office Film, 1993.

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Essay Instructions: The following books are on the approved reading list, choose one
1- Maples, William. 1994. dead men Do Tell Tales; the strange and fascinating case of forensic Anthropologist. broadway Books New York,NY
2- Preston, Richard.1989. The Hot zone.Anchor Books Doubleday, New York,NY

3- Wexler, Alice, 1995. Mapping Fate; A Memoir of Family, Risk, and Genetic Research. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA

4- Zimmerman, Barry and Zimmeman, David. 2003. Killer Germs: Microbes and Diseases that threaten Humanity. contemporary Books, New York,NY

base on biol I
read one on these books and undrestant and convey to mr the science base on biol I. that means 1) DO NOT USE A CONVERSATIONAL TONE AND 2) IF IT HAS MULTIPLE TOPICS, DESCRIBE MANY OF THEM IN THE PAPER
There are faxes for this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Maples, William R. Dead Men Do Tell Tales. New York: Random House: 1994.

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