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Title: hostage negotiation

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Essay Instructions: This research paper is on the history of hostage negotiation. Defining what it is, the background, its development; then, narrow in on hostage negotiation and how it works. At least two of the sources need to be from scholar journal articles, like Jstor, Academic search premier, project muse, or NCLIVE.

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Butler, W.M., Leitenberg, H., and G.D. Fuselier. "The Use of Mental Health Professional

Consultants to Police Hostage Negotiation Teams," Behavioral Sciences and the Law 11 (1993): 213-221.

DeFabrique, N., Romano, S.J., and VanHasselt, V.B. "Understanding Stockholm

Syndrome," FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, July 2007, 10-15.

Schmalleger, F. (2008). Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st

Century. New Jersey: Pearson.

Wind, B.A. "A Guide to Crisis Negotiations," FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, October

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Title: POlice Psychology

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Essay Instructions: You are a police psychologist for a major metropolitan area. You are also a member of its hostage negotiation team. You have just been called out to a crisis incident at 3:15 p.m. on a Friday. It is a residential area about three blocks from a middle school and a public library. The information you have at this time is that the subject is a 42-year-old male who is holed up in his house with his wife, son, and family friend. He has murdered his next-door neighbor and is threatening to kill those in the house if he does not get his demands. One of his demands is for immunity from the murder charge if he surrenders without harming any of the people in the house. He also wants a case of beer and some fast food soon or "something will happen".
Your paper must address the following points:
1. Explain the type of incident, which category this hostage-taker falls into, and what your optimal role is in the situation.
2. Provide a plan and course of action to interact with this person. What precautions will you and the department take? What tertiary problems do you foresee in the prolonged standoff and how would you address them? What sources would you use to gather information regarding the perpetrator, and what specific information would you want to have?
3. Even though you have only minimal information (which is the reality in most crisis situations), identify some probable hypothesis as to the perpetrator's mental state, symptom presentation, and the likely outcome of the incident.
4. Speak to the roles you could have played in preparation for crisis incidents and how it could have benefited the department. Identify what needs to occur before you as the psychologist can become an integral part of the team.
5. Include in your paper statistical information around the likelihood of a successful hostage negotiation, given the information provided, and the length of time in which you have to do so.

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Borum, W.R. (October 1988). A comparative study of negotiator effectiveness with "Mentally disturbed hostage taker scenarios." Journal of police and criminal psychology4(2): 17-20.

Hatcher, C. etal. (December 1998). The role of the psychologist in crisis/hostage negotiations. Behavioral sciences and the law 16(4): 455-472.

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Peak, K. etal. (October 2008). Hostage situations in detention settings: Planning and tactical considerations. FBI law enforcement bulletin.

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