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Title: Homophobia and Heterosexism

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Essay Instructions: Hello!
My name is Julia attending graduate school in social work program. English is as my second language, I constsntly struggle with writing the papers. I hope you might help me out of agony.
Here is the my assignment which I have to read the article and write the answers within the 3 pages of the paper with following the qustions. I will send you the materials and the article by fax to you.

Social Work Research in Practice 1
Total Pages: 3 pages with double space

Answer the following qustions using the Berkman & Zinberg article entitled " Homophobia and Heterosexism in Social Workers."
A. The following questions should be addressed:
1. Why is this research question being studied and why is it relevan to social work?

2. What were the ethical considerations in this study?
3. What was the study's design ( Cross sectional or longitudinal)?
4. Select one research hypothesis. What is the independent variable? What is the dependent variable?
5. uding the hypothesis selected, explain how the variables were operationalized.

B. Your critique should examine:
1. did the authors link the essential issues in the literature to the research?
2. What ethical issues were addressed (or not addressed)?
3. What were your concerns regarding the design?
4.discuss the findings and discussion sections. critique.
Please identify any other issues/considerations

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Essay Instructions: Finished essay
should be 10 pages total.
Please answer each question individually; do not combine all three of your
answers into one big essay.
Please note: There is no reason to get outside sources for any of these
questions. I am asking your personal opinon for each of these questions.
Use your own ideas and experiences to answer.
Your assignment is to answer question 1, and then answer questions B and F,
for a total of 3 essay questions addressed:

1. We live in a homophobic / heterosexist society where it is virtually
impossible to escape having some negative feelings about homosexuality,
homosexuals, or same-sex sexual behaviors. How do you express your
homophobia and / or when do these feelings emerge within you?

B. Explain why you think there is abuse (verbal and physical) and murders
of transgendered and homosexual individuals? Think about particular
incidences such as Gwen Arajo, Matthew Shepard, and Billy Jack Gaither.
Relate these crimes to: 1) heterosexism 2) internalized homophobia 3)
gender roles

F. Write a law concerning sexuality. What are your arguments for this law?
How will you defend this law to the opponents? Address both the pros and
cons for making your law.

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Title: Gender homophobia

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Essay Instructions: Answer both of the following Questions.

1.What issues involving straight women have been resolved since the 1920's in the United States, and which have not.
Use the class materials to support your argument
(movie-Adam's Rib )
What do you see happening in the future, and when ? (2pages)

2.What do you think are the main sources of homophobia in American culture? What is the situation today regarding homophobia, and what do you predict for the future-and when?

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Title: Hip Hop

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Essay Instructions: Open to all writers!!

The topic of the paper is queer women of color in hip hop.

Things to consider:

The presence of lesbian women of color has consistently been ignored in hip. Hip hop also ignores the work of lesbian women of color. It is as if queer women are invisible. It does not fit easily into the commonly accepted mold. The sexuality of lesbian women of color is misrepresented and exploited in lyricism and videos.

Question - how does hip hop sexism and heterosexism intersect to complicate hip hop and feminism? Make a correlation between hip hop music and black masculinity among queer women.

The discussion of lesbianism, heterosexism, homophobia in hip hop discourse can be seen in the work of rappers Sista Souljah, Queen Latifah, and Queen Pen. Sista Souljah is directly complicit in the continuum of a heterosexist and homophobic discourse in hip hop where as Queen Latifah and Queen Pen are passively complicit and do not challenge the sexism, heterosexism and homophobia discourse. It can be said that all three rappers had potential to redefine the strong Black women in hip hop as not the homogenous, heterosexual, male dependent, sex driven image by breaking ground for discussion but instead present women as "straight and linked to a man" (Gwendolyn Pough).

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