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Title: http ehistory osu osu mmh homesteadstrike1892 P S Use site a source Write a unified essay answering questions What issues caused Homestead Strike According workers working conditions steel mill Were news stories Illustrated American sympathetic sympathetic strikers Use specific examples support case

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Essay Instructions:

P.S----"Use the above site as a source"

Write a unified essay answering the following questions:

?What issues caused the Homestead Strike? According to one of its workers, what were the working conditions in this steel mill?
?Were the news stories in the Illustrated American sympathetic or non-sympathetic to the cause of the strikers? Use specific examples to support your case.
?What kinds of gains or losses did U.S. labor experience as a result of the Homestead strike in 1892

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Excerpt From Essay:


Brody, David. (1969) if Steelworkers in America: The Nonunion Era. New York: Harper

Torchbooks, 1969.

"Homestead and its Perilous Trades - Impressions of a Visit." Retrieve from estead.cfm

Johnson, S. (2008). Battle of the Monongahela: Homestead Steel, 1892 if. Retrieved from

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