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Title: Homeostasis motivation biological psychological and eviromental

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2134 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The paper has to include: 1) an introductory paragraph that highlights the topic to be discussed; 2) the body that outlines the details of the topic selected; and 3) a closing paragraph that summarizes thoughts, views, etc., on the topic presented. I want the paper to discuss HOMEOSTASIS, and its correlation to TEMPERATURE, THIRST,HUNGER, and EATING. Discuss this in terms of motivation: biological, psychological, and enviromental (how, when or why we are motivated to fulfill these needs). The paper should be a response, reflection, or views of the subject at hand.
Also, the sources need to be "ALL ELECTRONIC." There are no minimum quotes needed, but the paper does need to include a good amount of in text citations, and a minimum of 5 sources (use more if needed).

Note: The paper's assistance is for a upper level natural science Psychology course dealing with motivation (just to give whoever a more clear perspective of the kind of paper needed).

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Title: What is homeostasis

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Essay Instructions: What is homeostasis? Describe and explain the basic mechanisms of
homeostasis. Illustrate these by discussing the control of blood calcium
levels in humans and water balance in plants. Include a brief discussion of
the causes and consequences of homeostatic failure in the above examples.
Appropriate clearly labelled diagrams are encouraged. Consult text books,
internet sites and journals, preferably some British sources. Essay length
1500 words/British style. Introduction approx 10-15%. Conclusion approx
15-20%. Should be written in the third person impersonal, harvard style.
Only a few short quotes should be used.

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Title: Homeostasis Blood Sugar Gender Determination Plant Life Cycle

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1174 Sources: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: We will pay $64.00 for this order!!

Only source that can be used: Campbell, Neil, Dickey, Jean, Reece, Jane, & Taylor, Martha (2009). Biology Concepts & Connections. San Francisco: Pearson Benjamin Cummings.


Concise. A maximum of one page of writing per question (or question part) is allowed. Do not rewrite question as part of response

Answers must be well thought out, organized, and centered around a theme. In short, they should be like mini papers.

Statements/arguments should be supported with examples (the more specific the better).

Answers should reflect your interpretation of the information; no quotes directly from articles or text.

Answers should be thorough, complete, and address all aspects of the question.

Each question on a different page and question number on each page

Written in a 10-12 pt font and either single spaced or double spaced

You may use diagrams or flow charts as part of your answer. If you do, these will not be counted in your one page limit.


1. Explain the connection between homeostasis and hormones. In order to do this completely, you must also include: what homeostasis is/means, why it is vital to life (regulating the internal environment, which was one of the properties of life discussed on the first day), the role hormones play in homeostasis, and how hormones and target cells interact. Answers with a
specific hormone example other than insulin/glucagon, which are addressed in the blood sugar question, will be looked upon favorably.

2. Blood sugar must be maintained at an optimal level (high enough so that all cells in the body have access to sugar for cellular respiration, but not so high as to cause damage). Explain the constant balance of maintaining blood sugar during a day, both after a meal and between meals.

b. Explain Type II diabetes and how a Type II diabetic’s blood sugar would be affected. Parts A and B must be contained on one page.

3. Describe a flowering plant life cycle from seed to seed, paying particular attention to reproduction.

4. In the article Easter’s End, Jared Diamond says “Easter Island is Earth writ small”? What does he mean by this sentence? That is, what is happening on current day earth that is like what happened on Easter Island? Describe as many parallels as you can, being clear in each to relate the Easter Island story to what is specifically occurring on earth now. Note: It may be helpful at
this point to go back and re-read the article and your text, keeping this particular question in mind. Your answer must compare specific examples/things that happened on Easter Island with specific examples from your text or possibly, specific examples you know about from the news.


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Title: Our body and the function of Homeostasis

Total Pages: 2 Words: 566 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper



This paper must be typed and double spaced using 12 point font.
2 pages in length
Be sure to identity the topic being addressed... (First sentence should be the statment above.

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