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Title: Homelessness in Children

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1704 References: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Homelessness in Children:
-Please focus on children in America only; the effect it has on them emotionall/physically/mentally.
-How some American families find themselves to be homeless:rough estimate of homeless families per state or city.
-If this affects children as they become Adults; do they have the same type of life as an adult or do they strive to improve their way of life regardless of their past.

8 References- 3 books/5 scholarly articles
Do not justify-ragged edges
12 font
1" margins
Short paragraphs: 3-7 sentences in length
Intext Citation 40 words or less otherwise indent again to make a new parapragh for the long citation/double spaced.
If you can tell me a couple of the institutions that you have obtained some of these sources, it would be helpful.
Thank You!

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Title: Homelessness

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2414 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This custom research paper will be based on the topic of "Homelessness" found in the book Sociology 7th Canadian Edition by John J. Macionis and Linda. M. Gerber (2011). This paper is for a Sociology research paper formatted in APA style, double spaced.

It needs to be between 6-8 pages in length (not counting the Bibliography, cover sheet and References citations sheet). If the paper is less than 6 pages or over 8 pages in length, then it will be invalidated.

I am including the articles/sources in pdf/rtf text format attachments. Also, please find the Rubric marking scale, APA sample paper(to see how the format should look) and the guidelines for writing the paper. I also have attached a "Reference list.rtf" file which lists the sources I will need you to use for writing the paper.

The "Required Text" file for the topic "Homelessness" will serve as the main article, with the other 2 articles serving as additional articles to be reviewed, summarized, compare/contrast to the main article.

I've also given this custom paper request a 2 week time limit. If there are any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for any clarification.

Thanks soo much.

Chris Hassner

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Essay Instructions: topic : Is homelessness increasing in the United States?

The first criterion, the degree to which the paper offers a compelling argument, will be measured by the logic of the arguments presented, the strength of the evidence provided, and the quality of the research materials used. The second and third criteria will be measured by the degree to which the paper adheres to the written guidelines listed below.

1. Select a topic in the form of a question. Some sample topics are provided on the reverse side of this page, or students may select a topic of their choice (BUT IT MUST BE IN THE FORM OF A QUESTION).
2. List on PAGE ONE at least THREE (3) Pros (in sentence form), and at least THREE (3) Cons (again, in sentence form) to your paper?s question.
3. On PAGES 2-4, elaborate the key pros and cons identified on page one.
4. On PAGES 5-6, present and support your position, pro or con, on your paper?s question.
5. You must also provide a work-cited or bibliography page.

The format of the paper may be MLA Papers must be type written, double spaced, 12 point font. Please DO NOT use Wikipedia or Webster. .

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Mental Illness and Homelessness in Los Angeles County.

Please write a 4 pages research proposal paper. The research proposal is a document describing a project that has yet to be conducted. The researcher's thinking begins with the present, acknowledges and draws from the past, but primarily leads to the future. This paper should include the following: Needs assessment, The purpose of the need of assessment is to evaluate the need for the homeless population in los angeles county that suffers from mental illness. Discuss what kinds of governments assistance not serving this population, how these individuals are being denied from government assistance such as: SSI, Welfare, General Relief, Medical or Medicare to be able to receive proper mental health services. Discuss how the county mental health centers are crowded and unable to meet the need of all the homeless population in los angeles county with a mental illness. Describe a project that need to be assessed for this poulation to change their status from being homeless to having permanent housing and proper mental health treatment. The paper should include:

1) Introduction- which sets the stage for the problem to be researched. The introduction must express the rationale for the study in an unbiased, objective manner. The introduction should first discuss the general issues and then outline a more specific problem. It is not a lengthy section and may contain only three or four paragraphs.

2) Problem Statement- The problem statement, which reflects problems emanating from the broad picture described in the introduction. This section must be focused and concise and should describe what precipitated the need for the study or why the problem is of concern. The problem statement provides a reason for conducting the study. Once the reader has read the problem statement, he or she should agree with the researcher that this problem is significant and worthy of investigation. It may be only two or three paragraphs in length and it should be written in the past tense.

3) Purpose of the Study- The purpose of the study is a succinct statement describing exactly what the study will accomplish. It must follow logically from the rationale presented in the introduction and problem statement.

4) Research Hypotheses- A research proposal will have either one or more hypotheses. In general, a study should contain no more than three or four research hypotheses since more than that can become unwieldy. A hypothesis is a statement of the expected relationship between the variables under study. A hypothesis generally is used if the research study is more experimental or explanatory than descriptive in nature.

5) Methodology- The section describing the methods used to conduct the study is the most important part of the research proposal. Since it describes a proposed study, it is presented in the future tense in the research proposal and rewritten in the past tense once the study is completed and submitted for publication.
It is not a creative process but must be well-organized and clear in meaning. This section generally consists of four subheadings that describe the following
- subjects: The subjects participating in the study must be thoroughly described. Who are they? Were they a sample of convenience, or was randomization involved in their selection? Researchers must be sure the sample describes the population at large.

- Instruments: The instrumentation or materials section can include a description of equipment, questionnaires, per reviewed articles, evaluation forms or measurement instruments used to collect data in the study.

- Data collection or procedures: When writing the procedures or data collection section of the research proposal, researchers must ask themselves who, what, where, when, why and how. This section describes in detail what will be done in the study from start to finish.

- Methods of data analysis: This section should contain a description of both qualitative and quantitative methods used to record, store, reduce, manipulate, analyze and interpret the data collected during the study. The level of statistical significance must be stated in this section.

6) Intended results: This section describes the result of the research.

7) A conclusion/Summary: proposal consists of an introduction, problem statement, statement of purpose, hypotheses or research questions, methodology (which contains sections describing the sample, instrumentation, data collection and methods of analysis).

8) References.
Please follow APA guide lines and be sure the paper is 0% plagiarism.

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