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Title: Does distinguishing domestic terrorism from international terrorism help or hinder homeland security intelligence efforts

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Essay Instructions: Homeland Security

Does distinguishing "domestic" terrorism from "international" terrorism help or hinder homeland security intelligence efforts?

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Title: Homeland Security

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Essay Instructions: Homeland Security
• - This question is intended to have you grapple with the various layers of agencies and their roles in providing security by focusing on a specific theme.

Question: You have been asked by the governor of Maryland to write a brief(about 1200 words) about port security for the Port of Baltimore. The governor wants three things in this brief:

1.What are the principle security threats either to the port itself, or threats that may pass through the port (please identify 3 “big” ones )

2.A map of federal agencies with responsibility for port security and related areas of security. The map should present a hierarchy of federal agencies with brief descriptions of their roles. (Note: I do not literally mean a map ??" it can just be a list of agencies with descriptions, though feel free to do a graphical representation of your findings if you wish)

3.Your evaluation of the threats and security enforcement options available. The governor wants to know if the people of Maryland are safe from a threat at the port! What are going to tell the governor?

You should be able to answer this question by using appropriate state and federal agency websites. Part 1 and 2 are important, but Part 3 is where you really give your voice in assessing whether the agency mandates are sufficient to provide security at the Port. You can say either Yes, No or maybe ??" you just need to be convincing whatever you decide.

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Title: Homeland Security and the War on Terror

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Essay Instructions: Instructions:

This is a research paper and there is a topic of intelligence interest. It is important to identify all research sources, identify and apply a research method to the paper (predicitve), and draft a paper that defends the main point/thesis.

Topic/Research Question:

Will formation of the Department of Homeland Security improve US intelligence sharing on terrorism? (This question calls for a predictive study. The dependent variable is the improvement of US intelligence sharing on terrorism. The independent variable of main interest is the formation of the Department of Homeland Security. The case studies involve agencies in the US IC.


There should be a clear thesis that addresses the topic of focus and that this thesis is CLEAR and UNAMBIGUOUS. The thesis must be in the first paragraph or section of the paper. Each section should have section headings, a title page, Turabian footnotes, and list of references, page numbers and all the other elements of a professional paper. The paper must be 16 full pages in length, double spaced, Arial font size 10. You may use graphs and charts and maps, etc., provided they add new information and support the paper.

You should have a minimum of 10 references. Be sure that your selection of sources gives you balance, that they are credible and reliable and accurate (and note when they may not be).

All research papers have assumptions. These bound the problem, exclude difficult variables, and provide a firm starting point. While it is not necessary to have a separate section for assumptions, it is necessary that you identify them when you make them. (For instance in an examination of covert action success you may want to make the assumption that the first CA engaged in by CIA was not representative of what occurs later in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and therefore should be excluded from your study.)

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Title: Homeland Security Assessment Report on Lynchburg Virginia

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Essay Instructions: You will conduct a homeland security assessment on Lynchburg, Virginia. Identify homeland security stakeholders who are involved in emergency management and the potential hazards both natural and manmade. Then, conduct research to identify hazards and ways to mitigate these hazards (recommended sites are FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, and State and Local Government sites). Prepare a report outlining the following factors related to your assessment of Lynchburg:


homeland security stakeholders
hazards and risk management and preparedness issues
elements of disaster response, recovery, and incident command
professional accountability

Complete an evaluation of the application of other county responses and policies as applied to Lynchburg. Is it feasible?
Include your recommendations and state Biblical perspectives.The report should follow APA guidelines. All sources must be properly cited. A minimum of four sources are required, and each must be cited in the text of the report.

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