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Title: holocaust

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Essay Instructions: 2500 words
with reference to key dualisms in social theory (nature/nurture, reason/emotion, structure/agency and etc) outline and evaluate explanations of the Holocaust

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Essay Instructions: I need to write a research paper on the holocaust. I need it to have 5 scholarly sources. In the attachment i have uploaded all the information and questions that need to be answered in the essay. This is for my sociology 381 class on disasters. The whole thing including the 5 sources should anywhere between 6 to 10 pages. The picture ive attached explains everything.

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Essay Instructions: I have a paper to write on a Cultural Event which I choose the Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC if
this is possible please:
Write a two to three (2-3) page report (500-750 words) that describes your experience.
? Clearly identify the event location, date attended, the attendees, and your initial reaction
upon arriving at the event.
? Provide specific information and a description of at least two (2) pieces (e.g. art, exhibits,
music, etc.).
? Provide a summary of the event and describe your overall reaction after attending the

Visiting a Museum
? It makes sense to approach a museum the way a seasoned traveler approaches visiting a city for
the first time. Find out what there is available to see. In the museum, find out what sort of
exhibitions are currently housed in the museum and start with the exhibits that interest you.
? If there is a travelling exhibition, it?s always a good idea to see it while you have the chance.
Then, if you have time, you can look at other things in the museum.
? Make notes as you go through the museum and accept any handouts or pamphlets that the
museum staff gives you. While you should not quote anything from the printed material when you
do your report, the handouts may help to refresh your memory later.
? The quality of your experience is not measured by the amount of time you spend in the galleries
or the number of works of art that you actually see. The most rewarding experiences can come
from finding one or two (1 or 2) pieces of art or exhibits which intrigue you and then considering
those works in leisurely contemplation. Most museums even have benches where you can sit and
study a particular piece.
? If you are having a difficult time deciding which pieces to write about, ask yourself these
questions: (1) If the museum you are visiting suddenly caught fire, which two (2) pieces of art or
exhibits would you most want to see saved from the fire? (2) Why would you choose those two
(2) particular pieces?

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Title: Holocaust

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Essay Instructions: Your paper assignment for this semester will require you to write on Primo Levi?s
Survival in Auschwitz and Christopher Browning?s
Ordinary Men.Choose one of the prompts below.

Do not merely summarize the books. Use the material in them, as well as other
relevant information from the course, to construct and then support an argument that is
summarized in a thesis sentence at the beginning of the paper. Be sure to avoid the
strategy of stringing together quotations you leave unexplained.

On page 150 of his book Levi writes, “to destroy a man is difficult, almost as
difficult as to create one: it has not been easy, nor quick, but you Germans have
succeeded.” Using case studies of individuals from both Levi and Browning (at least 2
from each book), examine how the Germans destroyed both Jewish Holocaust victims
and also, at least partially, ordinary German men. Would you agree with Levi that this
sort of destruction was the greatest of all Nazi crimes?

The paper should be no shorter or longer than 3-4 pages. Use 12 point type,
double-spacing, and standard one-inch margins.
Cite direct quotations or close paraphrases (be very careful about those) using
Chicago Style format (see
You should not need to use outside
sources but, if you do, include a works-cited page; it is not necessary otherwise. DO
NOT cite lectures as that is inappropriate in academic writing.
Edit carefully for spelling and grammatical errors. Papers with more than a couple
of errors will be down-graded by one-third, as will papers that fail to cite sources

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