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Title: tourist motivations

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1783 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Consider your three most recent holidays :( Skiing trip with family, Summer vacation with friends to Mykonos, Family vacation to Africa to do Safari) ( If you want you can change these)
1) Which were the dominant motivations?
2) How did the pull factors of the destinations you chose meet these motivations?(or didn't they)
3) were your motivations the same across all 3 holidays? were they shared by the people you went traveling with?

1500 words
use the theoretical models we discussed in class to underpin your discussion. You are encouraged to draw upon different models. Apply the models to your personal experience with examples.

explore the literature around tourist motivations.try to compare and contrast authors.

provide a very brief introduction and conclusion

provide a bibliography
The sources that must be used are all found online :

Inkson, Clare and Minnaert, Lynn. Tourism Management: An introduction. SAGE: London, 2012 Chapter 4 ( available via google books)

Page,Stephen. Tourism Management- An Introduction. Elsevier: Oxford, 2012 Chapter 3 ( full text available)

Goeldner, Charles and Ritchie, Brent. Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philospsopies. Wiley: Hoboken, 2003. Chapter 9 ( full text availbale)

Robinson, Peter. Toursim: The Key Concepts. Routledge: Abington, 2012 ( Full text available)

Page, Stephen and Connel, Joanne. Tourism: A modern synthesis. Thompson, 2010. Chapter 4 ( Preview available via Google Books)

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Title: Other See additional specifications

Total Pages: 2 Words: 672 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: In honor of that most American of holidays, come up with your own list of things to be thankful for. (Write this for a mature 17 year old girl). MODEL YOUR WRITING AFTER LISA KOGEN'S. the citation is: Kogen, Lisa. "Lisa Kogen Tells All." Oprah. November 2008: 206.

*Your writing may be serious or humorous (or probably both), nut it may not be disingenuous.
*Use, correctly and in context, at least four of the following vocabulary words and underline them: Archaic, banal, colloquial, decadent, egregious, euphemism, evocative/evoke, hackneyed, pervert, pretentious, quietism, regeneration, scrupulous, sentimental, slovenly, abomination, corroborate, formidable, indignant, pallor, abyss, defamation, avidly, trepidation, lechery.
*Work in at least one of the following words: enthymeme, rhetoric, or logical fallacy.
*Use at least one loose sentence and one periodic. Underline them and in parenthesis define which type they are.
*Use a semi-colon and a colon correctly at least once in your piece

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Essay Instructions: Part A
A new domestic tourism operator specializing in surf holidays wishes to build an interactive web site that allows the customer to see in real time the weather, wind, surf and other data relating to their destination. As a new and bold initiative the operator wishes to tie in the price of the holiday with the weather situation. Better waves and better weather attract a higher price and vice versa. It is a new and potentially risky project and the owner of the business has asked you, a recent project management graduate, to assist him in planning for this project.

A) List the risks associated with this project

B) List the top ten steps you would undertake in delivering this project

Part B
A government department wishes to obtain data from private companies regarding their economic activity. The project requires 100 firms to be interviewed. These are split into 3 categories. The project manager has a timeframe of 2 months and has 3 employees to deliver this project. The results need to be verified by a second government department before they are used.

A) List the stakeholders in this project

B) How would you manage the stakeholder interaction in the following stages of the
- Design
- Inception
- Scope agreement
- Delivery
- Review
- Completion

The case study requires:
A) Project owner, project management team, 3 x categories of businesses, the second government department, the end user of the data

B) In all these stages, the project manager must liaise with and document the written agreement of the parties and their common understanding as to what the project should deliver

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Title: Orthodox Jew

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1034 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: * 3 reference sources will be needed, one source needs to be a book.
* APA format with citations is required. A bibliography is required.

*****The paper should address the following issues:

1. What are some of the basics tenets/principles of the religion?

2. What are the beliefs concerning life and death? (When does life begins, when it ends, what happens after death?)

3. Describe the rituals/traditions members perform for celebrating births, marriages, and important holidays.

4. What are some of the rituals members perform to improve/maintain health?

5. How would membership in this religious group affect the decisions a person makes about their health?

6. How would membership in this religious group affect the decisions a person makes about birth and end-of-life issues?

7. What is this religious groups feelings about euthanasia and organ transplantation?

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