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Essay Instructions: Please I want a research paper about "The History of Education in Kuwait". Discussing the following:
General overview of the situation in Kuwait prior the discovery of oil.

? Politically

? Economically

? Educationally

? Culturally

2. An in depth look into the education system in Kuwait prior the discovery of oil.

? What was being taught?

? Who were being taught?

? Where were students being taught?

? Who taught students?

? How students were taught?

? Famous teachers and scholars prior the discovery of oil.

3. A Look into the general development that the country faced after the discovery of oil.

a. Politically

b. Economically

c. Educationally

d. Culturally

4. The many changes that happened to the education system.

a. First school

b. First university

c. Educational institutes and much more.

d. Private and Public Education

5. Current Education

a. Universities Abroad Scholarships
***Add any intresting information you feel worth mentiong..

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Title: the history of education and how it has changed over the years especially in the United States

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1000 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a detailed, anotated bibliography, not a research paper. The topic is on the history of education and how it has changed over the years, with educational reforms, especially in the United States. I want each anotation, to be easy to understand with at least a paragraph of details explaining what the book or article is about, for each source. I would like the sources to have at least 4 books with the others being articles.

Excerpt From Essay:

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