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Title: Hi Attached find 5 sources Early Colonial Hispaniola This a research project Chicago Style annotated bibliographies No essay required The main topic project Taino Arawak Indian abuse depopulation Encomienda System early colonization Hispaniola The 2 main questions project answer Was Encomienda system a form Slavery Was Encomienda system main depopulation extinction Taino Indian population Hispaniola This project consist 5 pages

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Essay Instructions: Hi,

Attached please find 5 sources in regards to Early Colonial Hispaniola. This is a research project with Chicago Style annotated bibliographies. No essay is required.

The main topic for this project is:
? Taino/Arawak Indian abuse and depopulation through the Encomienda System in the early colonization of Hispaniola

The 2 main questions this project will answer are:
? Was the Encomienda system a form of Slavery?
? Was the Encomienda system the main cause of the depopulation/extinction of the Taino Indian population of Hispaniola?

This project will consist of 5 pages. See instructions below:

Please create 5 pages (1 for each source) of Chicago style Annotated Bibliographies. Below please find further instructions on how to create each page.

Page 1-5 (1 page of an Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography per each source)

-Annotated Bibliography
Include five resources of good quality for use in historical research that specifically relate to your topic and research questions. At least one of these must be a primary source (the Bartolome de Las Casas is the Primary Source). Do not include an encyclopedia. No single annotation should be longer than one page in length, double-spaced.

Use the following section sub-headings for each annotation:

i) Citation
The citation must appear at the top of the page in Chicago Notes and Bibliography style. For purposes of this assignment the citation should be single spaced.

ii) Summary
Provide a summary in which you identify the resource?s contents, main ideas and arguments. If you include a website, describe the website's organization. Your summary should be one paragraph long and double spaced. The summary must be a minimum of 6 sentences.

iii) Assessment
Identify the key elements that support your view that the resource is of good quality for use in historical research at the college level. For example, what evidence is there that the information contained in the article or website is well researched? What evidence is there that the primary sources are authentic? What qualifications does the author or director have? Does the article appear in a peer reviewed journal? Your assessment should be one paragraph long and double spaced and a minimum of 8 sentences.

iv) Relevance
How or why is the resource relevant to your research questions? Minimum 4 sentences.

So each page (each source) will have the citation, plus 3 paragraphs (A summary, an assessment and a relevance paragraph). If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at 914-319-5354. Thank you very much!


Note: Please note, last file (the 5th file) will be transferred via email as the attachments were more than 10mb. I will include order number on the email with the attachment. Thank you.

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Title: Hispaniola

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Essay Instructions: Reconstruct the history of Hispaniola and the development of the Dominican Republic.

1 source should be "Latin America" 42nd ed. by Robert T. Buckman.

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