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Title: Hip Hop Culture in Saudi Arabia

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4627 References: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: the paper format will be:

Introduction ,

-talk about culture and globlisation, and how the west can effect the culture ad tradition even in the most conservative countries in the world?

-but does ethnicity and racial features reason for two separeate cultures ( SAUDI ) vs( Western AMerican ) create the same popular culture ?being far and across the world from each other ?( saudi rappers who are originaly from africa )


-semiotics: from video analysis and photos of the rappers
-discourse analysis ( elaborate of )

Literature review

1-mecca and jeddah history , and some cultural aspect
2-immigrant history by that i mean the pilgrims who traveled from africa & asia and stayed in saudi arabia -
3-then hip hop history in the USA )

The Case

2 rappers , One from mecca and one from Jedda ( both originally african )

west cost Jedda & mecca Rappers

1-Jedda :
Rapper : Ayzee
From : Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Style of rapping : English

Hamze "Ayzee" Hasawi
I have been in love with music ever since my early years. Whether I was rapping singing writing or even dancing its been for the love of music and only for the love of music! My purpose here is to change the idea of low quality Middle Eastern musicians. Instead I will always try to bring out my best and collide with only the best to change this image or idea. And with the love and support of my family friends and you guys anything is possible.
Support good music & support real musicians
One love
Influences: My Parents - The Prophet Muhammed ( P.B.U.H )
Musical Influences : Ray Charles - Boyz 2 Men - Prince - Micheal Jackson - Al Green - Joe Thomas

you need to so some semiotics on his clothes ,the topic of songs he chose , the location

2-Mecca :

Rapper:Joker J.R (Arabic Hip Hop)
An Arabic Underground Hip Hop Legend Hailing out of the Saudi Arabia
Mecca: he does his rap mostley in Arabic and english

-But look at the spaces , coloathes and even he uses the word “ slave” in hes songs.
-Songs talk about : territory and the west side , songs talk about lower class citezens, calling female “ gangstera” female gangster in Arabic ,

-The English Part is in the middle verse of the song

what are the results of those two rappers , are the affected by globalization?

then comparison between the american hip hop culture with the results from the saudi rappers
and relate the results of the semiotic analysis to the american hip hop culture !

conclude the finds and summarize everything

10 from you

il send 8 ( from the class reading that should be included and related to the topic )
keep in mind that you dont have t always agree with the theorists)

this is how i want the flow of the paper !!1

History on Jeddah and Mecca (briefly)
oGeneral information on AlHijaz
oThe immigrant communities that resided in the Hijaz ( Jeddah & Mecca ) from Africa & Asia
oJeddah and mecca ( al -hijaz ) culture history from a cultural percpective
oHip hop culture in the US ( inorder to compare in the end )

•Introduction to Mecca Rap
o What it is?
o Look at the videos on you tube, sample study ( 3 most famous Saudi rappers )
o Who are they
o What they are singing about
o What are they dressed in
o Where are they singing
o Results

Cross culture examination, between American rap and Saudi rap
• How globlization shifts the power of the naton ( invenrion od tradition) coming to an islamic country “wahabi “ which finds music forbidden !
• Results
Are the similar ?
different ?

Key terms to concentrate on - all these terms are found in the readings i will sent , and each of these therm should be used in the paper !

• Culture (understanding culture from the different scholars ( raymond williams and etc.)
• Popular culture
• Identity, Multiple identities
• Innovation
• Tradition
• Multi ??"culture
• Diversity ,city branding
• Globalization

My Abstarct is:

This paper will look into the concept of Saudi Hip Hop Culture , a new cultural; phenomena that is introduced to Saudi culture today. I will be foucusing on the west side which included the Islamic capital mecca and jedda ( Al-Hijaz ) Being an Islamic wahabist country , the east side is a multi cultural multi ethnic city in Saudi Arabia since Islam reached Africa and Asia as well.
I will look into the influences that Saudi Rappers ( from the west side ) have undertaken in relation to the large forces of globalization from the west that lead to the creation of Saudi Rap & hip hop culture . A semiotic analysis on a group of selected rappers ( 1 subject from Jeddah and another from Mecca ) . The subject will be considered through looking at the topics and ideas being sung about, the way the rappers dress as well as the spaces in which they created this phenomena.
The argument will be centered on the results of these studies, but will most likely attempt to show the connection between globalization and the creation of this popular culture. And relate the finding to Rap culture In the United States by looking at similarities and differences Mecca rappers have derived, aspired or even created as a form of rebellion to the west. And a theory will be developed .

My research question is

To what extent does globalization effect or reason for the creation of Rap & Hiphop Culture in the westertn province in Saudi ( Jeddah . Mecca) ?

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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The title of essay is: "POSITIVE MESSAGE in HIP HOP "

4 positive messages from the songs: "Not Afraid" Eminem and "I can" by Nas.

The essay should include the following:

. An introduction in which you give a background positive hip hop and the kinds of issues they rap about, giving backgrounds of the two artists( Eminem, Nas)you chose to write about naming the songs you have chosen and why.

. A thesis statement as the last sentences of your introduction, which answer the question. what positive messages will the listener get from the songs?

. Four paragraphs with:
1. Topic sentences that clearly state the message you will discuss in the paragraph followed by
2. Specific details, like 2 quotes from the songs( not more than 2 please)
3. Explanation that tells the reader how your examples prove that the message exist in the songs and how these messages might affect listeners, answering the question followed:What emotions does this song make you feel? why? How can this messages inspire other fans? ( answering the question is not an option is obligated for whole essay, PLEASE VERY IMPORTANT)

. A conclusion that restates your thesis, offers two suggestions for how young people and your self can use the messages you have discussed for motivation, explaining what you have learned from writing the essay.
. Note: Please frequent use of subordination and coordination.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Hiphop culture in Jeddah and the US

Total Pages: 18 Words: 6190 Bibliography: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: My research question:
To what extent does globalization effect or reason for the creation of Hip-hop Culture in the Western province in Saudi (Jeddah)?

This paper will look into a new cultural phenomenon. Saudi Hip-Hop culture is alive and has been evolving in Saudi Arabia for the past decade.

I will be looking at the western province of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), in particular. I will be analyzing and creating a theory with my findings. Hence concentrating on three of my favorite artists in Jeddah city. Each artist will be discussed, and selected videos analyzed by factors such as gender, race, themes of the clip, clothing used in the Rap.

I will look into the influences that Saudi Rappers form Jeddah have undertaken in relation to the large forces of globalization from the west that lead to the creation of Saudi Hip Hop culture. A semiotic analysis on the selected rappers from Jeddah will be looked at.
The argument will be centered around the results of these studies, but will most likely attempt to show the connection between globalization and the creation of this popular culture. And relate the finding to Rap culture In the United States by looking at similarities and differences. Are Jeddah rappers aspired or even created as a form of rebellion to the west perhaps. And a theory will be developed whether Hip-hop culture in Jeddaah as a product of globalization or localization.

After looking at the research question, I think two major methods will be used. The first is semiotics and the second is discourse analysis.

Semiotic analysis:

Semiotics is simply defined as the study of signs such as drawings, photographs, paintings, videos, sounds, words and body language in order to find emerging themes.
The video and photographs available on Jeddah rappers will be analyzed in relation to those of US rappers in order to find common themes as well as differences.
Aspects that will be analyzed include clothing, rap style, aspects of hip hop culture such as break dancing, DJing or turntablism and language. The cross-cultural nature of the rappers will also be analyzed through indexing these items and finding how they relate to each other.

Discourse Analysis:
Discourse analysis will also be used in this study. It involves studying and analyzing language use in order to find similarities and differences between the two cultures (US hip hop and Jeddah hip hop culture). Discourse analysis will be important in ensuring that the lyrics used by the rappers are analyzed in a valid and reliable way to provide the results. The advantage of using the discourse analysis method is that it involves critical thinking and allows for the researcher to make judgment calls in a transparent manner. However to ensure reliability and validity of the study findings, eight elements of hip hop will be looked at in this analysis. These are breakdancing, rapping, graffiti art, DJing, beatboxing, street fashion, street language or slang and street entrepreneurship.

Material ( 3 artists):
Qusai : ( The Job)
Slow moe:
Ayzee ( Hamza Hasawi): ( You dont have to go home)

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Hip Hop Feminism

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1111 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Request: Freelance Writer

The topic of the essay is about the contradictions in hip hop. There are many positives in hip hop but these positives may contradict with the negatives. For example, many of the rappers rap and sing about the realities of their life like dropping out of school - but then these same rappers give money to schools. There are rappers that make a lot of money but rarely do you see them giving back to the communities that make them rich.

Excerpt From Essay:

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