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Title: W E B Dubois's Souls of Black Folk Sorrow Songs

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Essay Instructions: Under the heading of Hope-A well developed, coherent essay filled with closely read details, demonstrate you understanding of the quotation's purpose and significance within the context of W.E.B. Dubois's "Souls of Black Folks". The quote is "Even so is the hope that sang un the songs of my fathers well sung. IF somewhere in this whirl and chaos of things where dwells Eternal Good, pitiful yet masterful, then anon in His good time America shall rend the Veil and the prisoned shall go free. Free, free as the sunshine trickling down the morning into these high windows of mine, free as yonder fresh young voices welling up to me from the caverns of brick and mortar below-swelling wiht song, instinct with life, tremulous treble and darking bass. My children, my little children, are singing to the sunshine and this they sing"(p.163) AND how the same idea is raised, affirmed or challenged in two additional texts. List of available texts- James Baldwin's "Going to Meet a Man", James Baldwin's " This morning, This evening so soon",Toni Morrison's "Beloved", Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man", Gloria Anzaldua's "La Frontera/Borderlands", James Baldwin's "Previous Control", James Baldwin's "Come Out the Wilderness", James Baldwin's "Notes of a Native Son", Maxine Hong Kingston's "Woman Warrior"

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Title: romantic modern post modern literature

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Essay Instructions: This is my research Assignment:

This semester we have had the privilege of covering all three historical eras: The Romantic, the Modern and the Postmodern. For your research, I would like you to discuss the shift in the three periods and three authors who best mark that shift. You are also free to discuss the movement in art, music, the culture or anything else relevant to the three eras.

These are the authors we've studied:

For Romantic:
Blake (the lamb, the chimney sweeper, london)
Coleridge (Kubla Khan)
Lord Byron (she walks in beauty), To percy Bysshe Shelley)
Percy Shelley (To wordsworth, Hymn to intellectual beauty)

For Modern:
Joseph Condrad (heart of darkness)
James Joyce (the dead)
YEats (Easter, the second coming)
Virginia WOlf (profession for women)
Mina Loy (Feminist manifesto)
Elliot (the wasteland,hollow men,journey of the magi)
Jean Rhys (the day they burn the books)
Auden (sept 1,1939, Musee des beaux arts)

Post modern:
Achebe (things fall apart)
Philipp LArkin (homage to governement, high windows)
Ted Hughes (relic, theology, crows last stand)
Seamus Heaney (punishment, Casualty)

I have written about Joseph conrad's heart of darkness from my previous essay. I am wondering if conrad's heart of darkness could be tied to Achebe's things fall apart and maybe blake or lord byron?

you can choose works and authors I have mentioned above, or you can choose fresh works or fresh authors as long as they all come from our textbook. Our textbook is The Norton Anthology, English literature 8th ed volume 2.

I need at least 3 independent sources ( websites, my prof will only accepts .org or edu)


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