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Title: HG Wells The Cone and Penelope Lively The darkness out there

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Essay Instructions: Prose study coursework

This is for UK degree level. I am not sure what the U.S. equivalent is.

Write about how the authors create tension and suspense in 'The Cone' by HG Wells and 'The darkness out there' by Penelope lively.
You should write about
# The settings the authors use and how they are described
# The characters in the stories and their descriptions
# The language devices the authors use and their effect on the reader

This assignment should be about 1000 words long

The assignment should be organised in to paragraphs and you should use examples from the text to support your argument.

# Make a POINT - eg 'the author immeadiately creates a sense of danger
# Give a supporting EXAMPLE from the text - eg 'The night was hot and overcast'
# EXPLAIN your qoute to show how it links to your point - eg Here we see that there is a sense of a gathering storm and the heat of the night forces us to ....(etc)

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