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Title: personal and career goals

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Essay Instructions: Just so you know, I am a recent college graduate and I work for a local government to which a local university offers a Master's degree in Public Administration. All I need to do is write an admissions essay 3 pages long addressing my personal and career goals and of-course demonstrate graduate writing competency, the only problem is that writing is one of my worst subjects. Please help...
All that I was able to come up with is below.
By the way the school is Florida International University

The graduate degree that I am seeking is: Masters of Public Administration, from this program I hope to learn the tools that will help me to become a better leader and a better person overall. My reasons for undertaking this graduate work are a few, among them are learning to do things all the way, advancement, and personal satisfaction and since I work at Miami-Dade County these lessons can be applied towards helping the community in which I work and live. Finally my strengths my strengths are perseverance, sense of duty, sense of obligation and the fact that I have just completed my bachelors degree means that I am still in the swing of attending classes and doing plenty of hard work. My major weakness at this time is lack of time I do not seem to schedule all of my duties properly resulting in stress due to not enough time.

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