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Title: Heart of Darkness

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Essay Instructions: Essay Topics on the Heart of Darkness
The main source for the paper is Joseph Conrad?s Heart of Darkness, but I also want you to integrate where possible evidence from the primary sources we read in connection with imperialism from the Perry Sourcebook. Paper should be 4-6 pages, 12pt. double-spaced. Citations should preferably be done with footnotes, but if using parentheticals, include bibliography at end.

3. Compare the figure of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness with his avatar in Apocalypse Now. You could focus on motives, methods, aims, outcomes, and character. Which one to you is more complex/sympathetic? Which one is a more effective illustration and/or indictment of the collective failure documented by Conrad and Coppola, respectively?

...above is all the info from my professor with the paper topic

the paper is based around the book Heart of Darkness
the other source needed is the movie Apocalypse now
the movie is based in vietnam, i believe the book is about imperialism (i should've read it, thats why i'm turning to you)

compare and contrast the two Kurtz

the first two sources should be the book and the movie, the last two sources can be internet sources that help with the paper

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Essay Instructions: After Reading Joseph Conrad??s Heart of Darkness and Chinua Achebe??s Things Fall Apart. What are the simliar and difference between them? What are good and evil from the 2 books. Are there any similar between the main characters? compare the author and the society that cause them to write the books. explain in detail. you could Quote from the books if needed.

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Essay Instructions: I have an essay due next week about a quote in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. The quote is "It was the stillness of an implacable force brooding over an inscrutable intention. It looked at you with a vengeful aspect. I got used to it afterwards; I did not see it any more; I had no time." in page 106 of my copy of the book. My copy is a hard cover that is blue and has Heart of Darkness and the Secret Sharer in it and the publishers are Signer Classic. I need a 5 Paragraph about the essay that analyzes the quote and how it reveals a key theme in the novel, and you can use quotes that are cited to help prove the points but only in part 2. In the essay I also want "my opinion" of what the implacable force and inscrutable intentions are. Also finally, I would like it written as how an average highschooler would write it with minimal writing skills please. Also, for the sources I would only like them from the novel.. ex. short quotes, plot events, etc..

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Title: Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart

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Essay Instructions: Before you read Heart of Darkness By Joseph Conrad, write down a list of nouns and adjectives you would associate with Africa (5 entries minimum). After reading Heart of Darkness, review your list and discuss what has changed and what you would add into your list. After reading "Things Fall Apart" by Chinua Achebe, review your list another time and discuss what has changed and what you would add into your list.

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