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Title: UK Healthcare

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Essay Instructions: Sections of dissertation requested listed below:

Title: Can Nationalised Healthcare in the UK Successfuly Continue in the 21st Century?


Literature Review

Chapter 1:
? Provide a historical perspective of NHS : with perspectives (several listed below) on why each plan/reform has been unsuccessful (do not include the 2000 plan)
o NHS lacked flexibility, incentives for efficiency, financial information (thus accountability) and patient choice of providers for secondary care.
o NHS has been a political pawn for the Central Government since it?s inception (the NHS is the most centralized healthcare system in the OCED area)
o NHS has been and is still financed mainly by direct taxation and not by the National Insurance contributions, which cannot even finance Social Security let alone healthcare. Demand has surpassed available resources since it?s inception. Provide data on Total Health expenditure as percentage of trend GDP and Growth rates of per capita health expenditure
(History is disastrous. Policy drivers have been short term and political)

Chapter 2:
? Summary of 2000 NHS plan
? Current and future UK healthcare needs.
? Is this plan currently meeting those needs.
(Plan has no strategic direction. It is operationally and strategically inefficient. Resource allocation is created by politics and not by community needs)

Chapter 3:
? Review of three other nationalized healthcare systems: Canada, New Zealand, and Germany (all OECD countries).
? Briefly compare each with UK system.

Chapter 4:
? World Health Organization position on health care funding.
? Brief review on current trends in Healthcare privatization

? Complete privatization is not necessary
? Decentralization is necessary for the successful survival of nationalized healthcare in the UK.
? Additional funding options (increased private sector involvement in public sector business etc?) are necessary to meet the increasing financial pressure on the budget due to the rising elderly population, constantly changing technologies, and increased expectations.

(UK healthcare system is too centralized, and it cannot continue to provide quality healthcare services under current funding options. They will need to look at other systems and current trends in privatization an apply certain aspects into their system.)
Append. & bibliography

A minimum of 30 references.

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Title: Comparison of Health Care Systems between US and China

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Essay Instructions: This paper needs to compare and contrast the current U.S. healthcare system with China's healthcare model for the provision of healthcare services to the elderly population. The identified vulnerable population (elderly) must be prevalent in both the U.S. and the foreign country and there must be significant data to support positive health care outcomes. The comparison should be focused on the same vulnerable population for each country. Included must be:
1. Define the Roemer Model of Health Services. Provide a summary description of the each component of this model.

2. Provide a description of the U.S. and global country’s healthcare systems based on Roemer’s Model. Describe how healthcare services are provided in each country using the 5 components of the model.

3. What is the cost to provide healthcare in both countries? Provide the per capita and percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for both countries.

4. Define the vulnerable population and how health care is provided to this population in both the U.S. and the global country’s health care systems.

5. Identify the elderly population health care coverage advantages and disadvantages for each country.

6. Identify the impact of Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) for the provision of care in both countries. If APNs are not used in the global country, what is the role of the RN in this country?

7. Identify global or philanthropic organizations that support the economic or health care development in each country. Summarize the type of support that is provided.

APA style.

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Title: Healthcare Management Information Systems

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Essay Instructions: Instructions:
This is a Healthcare Information Systems term paper. There are 5 questions that must be answered for this assignment. When you read the questions below, keep in mind that your answer has to be from a Healthcare Information Systems perspective.


1- Why would it be (or not be) beneficial to combine supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) into a single system for healthcare services organizations? What about combining SCM with enterprise resource planning (ERP), or other combinations of Health management information system (HMIS) enterprise software for healthcare services organizations?

2- Why is it difficult to integrate IT and medicine? Discuss the need for an integrated management perspective of HMIS. Further, list and illustrate the basic functions of an HMIS. How may these basic functions be extended to accommodate complex health information processing tasks such as medical diagnosis and tele-consultation?

3- What are some of the critical success factors in HMIS implementation and how should one go about standardizing service nomenclature, such as the process service names and outcomes in order to achieve a level of ease with implementing enterprise-wide software? Why must people be sold on the software and readiness to change before moving ahead with a large-scale implementation such as ERP?

4- What are the major issues with existing HIMIS? Discuss why the system interoperability is becoming a major concern for HMIS. And further explain the combined practice wants to implement wireless notepads for the physicians and staff to make changes directly to a patient’s records. What data integrity and security do you foresee? Discuss if there are any other impact or beneficial use of ‘Web Services’ to HMIS besides as a solution for HIMIS’ interoperability issue?

5- What are some of the major HMIS enterprise software? Discuss the need for a data sharing culture in implementing the various HMIS enterprise software. And what do you see as the trend of healthcare services organizations with the applications of HMIS enterprise software?

Requirements and Directions:

- Each question must be answered in a minimum of 300 words
- Each question has an entire page of answers
- Each answer is expected to be concise, direct and to the point
- Do not write the questions again in the paper just write the number of the question next to your answers
- You can use any kind of sources to answer your questions
- The answers of each questions must be complete
- Make sure to answer every aspect of the question
- The writing must be of high quality and sentence structures with no grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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Title: Medical Ethics of providing healthcare to illegal immigrants The allocation of scarce Healthcare Resources and who provides the money

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Essay Instructions: The paper must examine either a portion of the work of a significant moral theologian or a specific issue relating to health care. The paper should perform (a) an analytical function--i.e., sort out what's at stake with respect to the moral theologian or issue being discussed, and (b) a critical function--i.e., present and defend your own views on these matters.
The topic needs to focus on the ethical debate of providing healthcare services to illegal immigrants in the United States. This has become an increasingly problematic issue in states like California where hospitals have to provide emergency healthcare to illegal immigrants, most of which came from Mexico. There is also the rising issue that many illegal immigrants are able to pull from social security and medicare when they come of age. The big issue to focus on in the paper is how much care should the United States Government provide to illegal immigrants and how much does the care cost the average American?
I need 20 cited sources, with preferably multiple citations. One source needs to be The New Revised Standard Version of the Bible. The Bible can only serve as one of the necessary sources, but multiple quotes can be used from it. The sources can not come simply from popular press, but need to mostly be from scholarly Journals here most of which should be based in the United States since the issue needs to focus on the United States. The focus of the class is Medical Ethics from a Christian perspective, looking at the allocation of scarce healthcare resources among Americans both citizens, immigrants, and illegal immigrants.

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