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Title: Overview of Health Psychology

Total Pages: 2 Words: 747 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Just an overview and exploration of what Health Psychology is. I would like 3 additional resources, but in my order only 1 additional is showing up; current please.

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Title: Health Psychology Committee Report

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Essay Instructions: Imagine a health care reform plan that mandates increased access to services you studied in this course. The goal is better overall patient health, measurable by shorter hospitalizations and improved adherence to medical regimens. You have volunteered to join the Health Psychology Committee formed by your local hospital, which is in the process of initiating a psychiatry division that will employ five psychologists. The committee is responsible for assigning duties to the psychologists. Use critical thinking skills as you decide how to apply health psychology principles to hospital-based psychologists’ duties
Specify duties for five hospital-associated psychologists that reflect health psychology principles discussed in this course, according to the following guidelines.

· Conduct research by consulting a variety of sources, and gather evidence to support your decisions. Remember to suspend judgment while inquiring into multiple aspects of each of the five roles. Use your text, previous assignments, major research hospital Web sites, and the University Library. Cite a minimum of five references, including your text.

· Assign one or more of the items in the bulleted duty list below to each of these four job titles: substance abuse counselor; inpatient-only psychologist; child psychologist; adult psychologist:

Duty list:

o Collaborate with local schools

o Provide psychological preparation methods for children prior to medical procedures

o Provide treatment for chronic pain

o Provide psychological preparation methods for adults prior to medical procedures and surgery

o Coordinate the use of recovery programs and structured programs for substance abuse, in conjunction with social worker

o Diagnose stress disorders and aid in stress-relief interventions

o Utilize various methods to facilitate adjustment and coping skills with patients suffering a chronic or terminal illness

If you feel one or more of the duties could be assigned to more than one of the four job titles, feel free to do so but keep a reasonable work and patient load in mind.

· Evaluate the list above for areas of need not already addressed. Recommend a fifth job title and assign other health psychology-related duties not listed or related to those above.

· Identify decision-making criteria and explain rationale behind your assignment of duties to each of the five job titles.

· Discuss and give further details on how each of the five psychologists will contribute to improvement in overall patient health. What kinds of responsibilities and services would each of the five psychologists provide for patients? How will each of their roles result in shorter hospitalizations and improved adherence to medical regimens? Is there overlap in any or all of the five job titles? Should there be? Why or why not?

· Consider and discuss the impact of implementing each role versus not implementing it. What makes each role supportive toward improvement and maintenance of wellness? Why would patients be better off with the psychologists’ services after doing without in the past? Compile your findings to present ot the Committee in APA format

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Title: Write a 500 word response

Total Pages: 2 Words: 606 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please do not write more than 550 words, (reference list ? not included in word count)

The article was published in the ?British Journal of Health Psychology?.
The article begins on page 697.

2. Write a 500 word response that addresses the following:
Part 1 (100 words)
Identify the main aims, and then justify the specific qualitative study design used in this research.
Part 2 (100 words)
Describe the sampling method used by the researchers. Is this method appropriate, considering the research aims? Explain why or why not.
Part 3 (100 words)
In your own words, summarise the data analysis process used in this paper, ensuring that key terms are clearly explained.
Part 4 (200 words)
Discuss the three main themes identified in this paper. Include an explanation of how the themes are connected, and how they differ. Based on these findings, briefly suggest one intervention that could improve men?s health in the primary health care system.
Part 5 (reference list ? not included in word count)
Provide a full reference for the article, making sure you follow Harvard referencing style correctly.

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Title: overeating

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1862 Bibliography: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The Class is Principles of Health Psychology.
These are the instructions:
You will write an 8 page literature review (not including reference page) on a topic of your choice related to health psychology. you must have a minimum of 10 peer reviewed scholarly articles related to topic, which can be accessed through your library databases. format of paper is as follows:
1. Introduction of the topic- include topic, background, and relavance to health psychology. (This should be 1 page).
2. Literature review- what does literature say about your topic? what contributing factors, outcomes of research, current findings etc. (5-7 pages).
3. Summary/ Future Direction- summarize your findings, including future directions of research on your topic. (1-2 pages)
Must be done in APA format 6th edition, including proper cover page, citations and references, and tables/appendix (if applicable).

Can you also send it in Microsoft word file attachment?
There are faxes for this order.

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