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Title: Home Health Nursing

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1427 Bibliography: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Report on HOME HEALTH NURSING.
APA style.Double spaced,using 12-point font size.
Writing about:
(1)Job Description.
(2)Education and Certification.Length of time and approximate cost of the education required.Intitutions offering the program. List dgrees or certifications earned.
(3)Emplyment.Job availability (what and where?)Salaries-Entry level and with experience. Numbers of jobs advertised in the Sunday Herald.
(4)Professional Activities. Local/State/National Professional Organizations(cost to joint as a student)Professional journals with address to obtain and cost. Is continuing educational available and expected in the profession. Continuing education units (CEUs). How many and often?
(5)Conclusion/Reflection. Reflect on how you see yourself "fitting" into this profession. What did you discover in the exploration of this field? What did you find meaningful and important to you?
Reference page in APA.Citing all references.

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Title: The Stages of Prevention for Childhood Obesity

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Essay Instructions: Search the media for a local community health problem (Obesity). Information may be obtained from a variety of media sources such as the newspaper (Tulsa), Internet, Television or Radio. 1) Break the health problem down into three levels of prevention (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary). 2) Identify what role the community health nurse could take in each level of prevention. APA-Organization that includes introduction, body and conclusion. Logical sequencing and flow. Title page reference page & format, double-spaced approved font; 1" margins, In text citations and format. 1 reference Allender, J.A., Rector, C., & Warner, K. (2014). Community health nursing: Promoting and protecting the public's health (8th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott. ISBN 0-7817-6584-6

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Title: critical appraise

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1301 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: MacNeela, P., Clinton, G., Place, C., Scott, A., Treacy, P., Hyde, A. and Dowd, H. (2010), Psychosocial care in mental health nursing: a think aloud study. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66:?1297?1307.

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Essay Instructions: Cultural Health Promotion Plan Paper

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment based on community data and the Healthy People 2010/2020 National Objectives.

DUE DATE: July 6, 2010 by 10:00 p.m. with late submission policy application to this assignment.
Complete the paper according to APA 6th Edition Guidelines as a word processed document. The paper must be submitted electronically via course Web Courses Assignment function.

The paper is limited to a MAXIMUM of Ten (10) pages (including the title page and references pages; NO Abstract is needed for this assignment). Do not exceed the ten page limit as only ten pages will be read and graded! The paper must double spaced in font size 12. Include Title Page with a running head and a page number according to APA Sixth Edition format. Page one begins on the title page. References using APA format are included in the total page count.

The Cultural Health Promotion Plan paper topics are derived from the work that was previously identified by faculty, students, and other pertinent resources in the community. The problems/needs/risks are drawn from Community Data/Healthy People 2010/2020.

1. Each student will select ONE problem/need/risk from the list provided by Dr. Ark. The list is located in Web Courses Course Web Site on a separate Discussion Board. The problem/need/risk is written in the four-part community diagnosis format. The student should not alter the diagnosis.

2. Develop a cultural health promotion plan “as if” the plan would be implemented for a target group within any community, not particular to your assigned Community Nursing Coalition. Writing the plan paper assignment will aid in the development of the program planning and evaluation skills that you will use in the development of the senior project in Public Health Nursing Clinical in the last semester of the Basic BSN Program ?" the topic area of your paper is not necessarily the topic area for the community intervention plan in the Public Health Nursing clinical, however the skills you learn in this course will prepare you for the important service-learning work in the community during the last semester of the program. RN-BSN students conduct a teaching project/evaluation in NUR 4604L Community/Public Health Nursing Practicum.

3. Submit the plan paper by the due date and time.

Here are thoughts to guide the development of the paper regarding health variations by cultural heritage:

Cultural Diversity refers to the differences among people based upon shared ideology and valued sets of beliefs, norms, customs, and meanings evidenced in way of life (ANA, 1996, Position Statement on Cultural Diversity). This diversity is expressed in various ways. Diversity in history, beliefs, practices, and opportunities not only exist among cultural groups, but also typically exist across a wide continuum within the group. Health behaviors are influenced by culture and cultural values as well as by socioeconomic status.

In this assignment, students develop a health promotion plan for a cultural group living in the United States, not necessarily in your CNC community location. You are to learn as much as you can about the cultural norms and patterns and how these norms and patterns influence health practices. The purpose of this assignment is for the student to develop a deeper understanding and sensitivity regarding the role of culture in life of the client and in nursing through the examination of a cultural/ethnic group.

Thoughts to consider as you develop the paper:

Health and Culture: The nurse must recognize that members of various cultures define “health” differently. Individuals may define themselves or others in their group as healthy even though the nurse identifies symptoms of disease. Cultural priorities of the client may differ from that of the nurse.

Culture and Healing: Individuals and families in various cultural groups may also use traditional healing systems, sometimes called lay or folk-healing systems, with or without allopathic (modern) medicine. In addition to seeking help from the nurse as a health care provider, clients may also seek help from traditional or religious healers. Most nurses have experienced clients who combine medical care with prayer. Nurses need to be sensitive to, respectful of and nonjudgmental regarding patients’ health beliefs and practices in order to maximize patient outcomes.

Health status of all clients is influenced by the interaction of physiological, cultural, psychological, economic and societal factors. Diversity within and among groups necessitates data collection activities and programs that are tailored to meet the unique health care needs of different subgroups.

Health beliefs are translated into health care practices, which then affect health status. What constitutes appropriate care for specific health conditions may be guided by cultural and social class expectations held by members of the culture.

Health Information and Education:
Planning health education programs requires identifying and building on cultural strengths and ensuring sensitivity to cultural factors. Meeting the language and cultural needs of each identified minority group, using minority specific community resources to tailor educational approaches, and developing materials and methods of presentation that are at the educational level of the target population are essential considerations in the planning process. Health programs should be sustainable over a long period of time and accountable to the clients.

Paper Guidelines
Format the paper according to APA Sixth edition guidelines; you will have Level 1 and Level 2 Headers in this paper.

Insert a Title Page

Then, page two (repeat title of paper on page two)

Community Diagnosis

State the community diagnosis addressing the problem/need/risk that you selected from the approved list for this paper. Be sure to include the in text cite for Healthy People 2010 in your References list.
First address the
Aspects of Cultural Assessment

Ethnic/racial identity How does the group identify itself in terms ethnicity and racial background? What is the range of interaction outside of the cultural group? Are recreational, educational, and other social activities within the ethnic reference group, the wider community, or both?
History and Value Orientation How are values derived? What is the historical experience of the group that may have impacted values?
Language-communication process What languages are spoken in the home? And by whom? What language is preferred when speaking to outsiders? Do second and third generations in the U.S. speak the language of their grandparents?
Health Belief and Practices What are the traditional health beliefs? How common are these beliefs and practices within this group? To what extent are folk healing practices and practitioners used? Is access to care and equality of care an issue for this group?
Religious Beliefs Religious articles & practices, how spirituality is defined. Remember that Religious Beliefs and Spirituality are different concepts.
Spirituality How is spirituality defined? Remember that Religious Beliefs and Spirituality are different concepts.
Lifecycle events Which life cycle events are important to the culture? What are the customs associated with births, coming of age, marriage, and death?
Nutritional Behavior/Diet Are there restrictions? Are there common practices?

Review of Literature on the Health Problem

Complete a review of the literature highlighting the health problem and the target group. Be sure to use headers to organize this section of the paper. Students must use the Maurer & Smith textbook and optional use of other textbooks from the first semester courses as references. You may use literature from Allied Health however you must have THREE evidence-based nursing references (nursing literature/nursing journals) published within the last five years included in your in text citations within the paper and on the list of references. In other words, include cites in the body of the paper and the full citations of all sources in the References section of the paper according to APA format. Remember that not all journals listed in the CINAHL database are nursing journals.

You should answer these questions in the review of literature ?" these three categories are headers:
Why is this diagnosis a health problem for this target group?
What are the current nursing interventions for this problem?
What interventions have been successful and what interventions have NOT been successful?


Plan Title
Give the plan a title ?" this title must be consistent on the title page, on the second page, and here.

Short Term Goal
List one short term goal with the time frame of the final semester (15 week 45-hour clinical) in the BSN program. Remember that education is a strategy not an outcome or goal.

Measurable Objectives
Write three measurable, time specific learner objectives. State the learning domain for each of the three objectives; you should write in the domains of Cognitive; Affective; and/or Psychomotor. Remember that in order to have an effective program intervention, you would not have all three of the objectives in the cognitive domain, nor would you necessarily have one objective for each of the domains.
Objectives Summary
Consider all of the objectives together; write two paragraphs (maximum) addressing these areas:
The Objectives are: (1.) Specific; (2.) Measurable; (3.) Reasonable/Feasible; (4.) Fit with a community-based setting; and (5.) Easily understood by clients.

Create a Brief Budget (must be in Table format according to APA)
Determine a budget for the project.
Time: Consider $14.00/hour for the student nurse rate (remember that you will have a 45-hour clinical course in which to complete the project ~ you may have other student nurses assisting you on the project).
Materials: while brochures may be donated - in kind - there is still a cost.
List other resources needed for the project.
Be sure to total out the amount of the project using the Table format guidelines in the APA manual.

Health Promotion Strategies/Methods
Describe in detail the strategies/methods for each of the three objectives. Remember to use headers throughout this section to clearly articulate the intervention. You should list Objective One, then describe the primary and secondary prevention strategies; then, Objective Two, describing the primary and secondary prevention strategies; then, Objective Three, describing the primary and secondary prevention strategies. Explain the rationale for selecting the strategies/methods. Remember that you are writing strategies at the levels of Primary Prevention & Secondary Prevention levels, and not Tertiary Prevention level strategies in this paper.

Use three headers
Objective One
Objective Two
Objective Three
The text in paragraph form will follow each of the headers as displayed above. In the text, tell the reader how the outcomes of each objective are measured/assessed at both the primary and secondary level of prevention. Remember that an evaluation is based on objectives. An evaluation is the appraisal of the effects of activities and/or program interventions. An evaluation is conducted in order to determine the relevance, progress, efficiency, effectiveness & impact of program activities.

Formatted according to APA Sixth edition guidelines

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