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Title: Health Law and Regulations

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Essay Instructions: Health Law and Regulations
? Explain the role of one specific governmental regulatory agency that has a significant effect on the health care industry.
? Provide at least two examples of specific laws (and corresponding regulations) currently faced by the health care industry and enforced by the specific governmental regulatory agency you are examining
o Examples of such laws may include access to care, anti-discrimination, health care privacy and security, and so on.
? Include in analysis the effect of these laws on at least one specific health care provider (such as: a specific hospital or clinic) that you select.
? Provide examples and specific cases in your examination.
? Include ways that you have seen this effect in your own life or community.

RESEARCH required
? Include at least two references that are articles from peer-reviewed professional journals published no earlier than January 2000.
? Include the website for the governmental regulatory agency you are discussing in your references.
? References to include journal publication information (volume, issue number, pages); do not use a URL in place of publication information

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Essay Instructions: On Health Law and Ethics: (Two pages)

Ethics Case Study

An 8-month-old child arrives in the emergency department. The mother of the child reports the child has been crying constantly for the last several hours and she cannot get the child to stop crying. The triage nurse notes the child?s pulse and respirations are slightly elevated. Upon further examination, the nurse notes both of the child?s thighs are edematous and warm to touch. The nurse records this information on the patient?s record. The nurse also reports to the emergency room physician the patient?s status and expresses concern that the child may have been injured in some way. The physician examines the child and orders x-rays of the child?s legs. The x-ray results reveal bilateral femur fractures.

When the results of the x-rays are shown to the physician, he immediately goes into the room and discusses the situation with the child?s mother. The child?s mother is visibly upset and states that she had picked up the child from day care and noticed the child crying. The child was admitted to the hospital for further care with the child?s mother at her side. The emergency room physician determined that it was not child abuse and, therefore, should not be reported.

Answer the following:
? Identify the ethical issues in this case study.
? Discuss how to use the ethical principles to address the issues in this case study
? Describe any conflicts between your personal values and the ethical principles applied.
? Describe how this situation might be handled if the patient was in a different health care setting.
? Identify a professional nursing organization and describe how this organization incorporates ethical principles into their practice.
Clearly state major points and support them with specific details, examples and analysis.

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Title: S e t t i n g's f o r Publ i c H e a l t h P r a c t i c e

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Essay Instructions: 1. One of the chief organizing forces for public health lies in the system of law. The two
(2) broad purposes for public health law are protecting and promoting health and ensuring the protection of rights of individuals in the processes used to protect and promote health. In expanding on these two (2) principles as applied to the field of public health care services, include a review of the derivation of public law, comments regarding public health care law and civil liberty, a description of the government levels of preemption, and two (2) suggestions for revising the maze of entangled regulations. (A 2-page response is required.)

2. Describe the intergovernmental (federal, state, and local) relationship among public
health care agencies. (A 2-page response is required.)

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Title: Dept of Health and Human Services

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Essay Instructions: Minimum of 3 sources. Want us to use something out of JAMA as one of the sources. Teacher statement: Your research project will be at least 10 pages long and at least 3 sources used. After researching your subject, please give your opinion on the matter as well. (Just do some kind of statement about how you think the organization works I guess). This is for health law, so need all the legal aspects of the organization, the judiciary body is under, how it is regulated etc. etc. Any questions please call me on my cell phon e(903) 624-6939

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