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Title: Hate Speech on Campus

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Essay Instructions: (1): Requesting an entire paper to include at the very least 1,650 words in total, which is to be divided into three separate sections. First part of the paper your professional writer begins by reading ?Hate Speech on Campus by American Civil Liberties Union?, which is the pro/yes side of this debate. (refer to website www.safoamerica.20m.com click ?HomePage? to find pgs. 92, 94,95, Then click open ?PhotoPage? to find pgs. 96, 97, & 98.
The purpose of this portion of the paper is to read those pages and explain to the reader your comprehension of its contexts. You are to demonstrate within your writing that
you are fully & completely grasping the material.

(2a): The second part of this paper divides in sections (a) & (b). ? (open up from the above website pages 99, 100, 101, 102, & 103.) Upon opening those pages you will find ?Is There Ever A Good Reason To Restrict Free Speech on a College Campus-----Yes, by Charles R. Lawrence III, which is the con/no side of this debate. Your writer once again will read those pages and explain to the reader your comprehension of its contexts, & demonstrate within your writing you are fully grasping the material.

(2b) The purpose of this second section of part two of this paper: your writer will take into view both the two debate issues point of view (see above) & should communicate & include his/her very own personal opinion . For example: Your writer may begin by saying something like: ?you?ve articulated both arguments, but you was not persuaded and you can present your own personal view in the paper or that you were persuaded?. This second part of the paper is strongly recommended by our professor.

I am sending page 103? its purpose: ?to lend a helpful hand?/, that you may or may not need to refer. If you know of any additional sources that might be beneficial to you, by all means please feel totally free to search other references. If you do use any other sources other than 99, 100,101, & 102 pages I?ve sent via www.safoamerica.20m.com , please add a separate references page - for it will be required as indicated by the professor.

(3): The remaining pages will be an entire piece separate from the above writing.
These pages will require you to be in agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union, you agree with their position on ?Hate Speech on Campus?. That position was assigned to me by my professor, this isn?t to imply I agree with this argument, nor that I do not agreed, it is only the position I must take b/c it was assign to me & I must debate from that position. These pages will be written as to allow me to present an oral presentation in a Debating Point Format style writing. When presenting my debate side I am asking your writing to understand
I need to present my side of the argument the Pro, yes side by being informed as well as passionate with Knowledge. So this means to me that when this portion of the paper is written you will have to know the other side of the argument inside out & to obliterates their argument & share that knowledge with me. I have never been in any type of a debate in my entire life & really wouldn?t even know where to begin putting together a Debate format style of writing that will prepare me to give oral presentation. I will need to rely on your knowledge & professionalism as well.

Lastly, a question for the writer of this paper: In about two weeks from today, I will be submitting yet another writing request over to and was wondering ?Would you be available to write an additional paper on two other social issues ? two other debate arguments?? Those debates include: The Yes side ? ?Racial Disparities in Federal Death Penalty Prosecutions, 1988-1994?, by, The Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights and also Randall Kennedy, in ?Race, Law, and Punishment? which is the con/no side of these debate.
If you are able to accommodate me and be available then my follow up questions is: Would it be better for me to once again photo copy by text book pages & once again create a website for you to open in order to read those pages? Or, would it be possible for you to get your hands of those two social issues from your local library? Whatever, you decide I will respect, please think about it & reply. My many thanks MMBelostock

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Excerpt From Essay:


ACLU reading.

Charles R. Lawrence III reading.

Kors, Alan Charles and Harvey A. Silvergate. 1999. The Shadow University: The Betrayal Of Liberty On America's Campuses. New York: Perennial.

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Title: This a compare contrast essay It compare contrast opinions ideas Lakoff's hate speech Kakutani's The word Police I email helpmyessay It's undergraduate level writing The document Essay Draft draft

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Essay Instructions: This is a compare and contrast essay. It needs to compare and contrast the opinions and ideas of Lakoff's 'hate speech' and Kakutani's 'The word Police'.I will email to help@helpmyessay.com. It's an undergraduate-level writing.

The document "Essay Draft" is my draft.
For the "Hate Speech", I took the pictures on it. You also can find it in "Exploring Language", 13th ed, P.311.

I have written a draft of it. just 2 and a half pages. This essay should be 4-6 pages. Therefore, please write two more pages and help me revise my draft. You can change a lot of my draft, it's OK if you want to add more money.

I really hurry to finish it!

Thank you very much!

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Title: ethical issues in public speaking

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Essay Instructions: The purpose of this lab is to explore the ethical issues in public speaking. As you may know, important debates over freedom of speech and hate speech have been taking place on campuses across the country in recent years. Read the brief essay titled "Campus Life: Free Speech versus Hate Speech".Write a two-page essay addressing the following questions:
1. In your own words, discuss what constitutes hate speech.
2. Should hate speech be allowed?
3. If hate speech policies are in place on campuses, does this limit freedom of speech?
4. In your opinion, how can this ethical dilemma be resolved?
Article: "Campus Life: Free Speech versus Hate Speech"
US colleges and universities have long been at the center of the debate over what constitutes free speech versus hate speech. On the one side are those who resist censorship of any kind, often in support of the constitutional rights of the First Amendment. On the other side are advocates of hate speech codes and policies that limit what students and faculty can and cannot say and do; these advocates argue that such codes are necessary to ensure a tolerant and safe environment.
In the 1980s and early 1990s, more than three hundred schools instituted hate speech codes prohibiting certain forms of offensive speech and acts that were deemed intimidating or hostile to individuals or groups.1 Many of these codes were later found to be unconstitutional, but anti-harassment policies de? signed to do much the same thing remain in place today. These, along with federal laws designed to protect students from a hostile learning environment, allow administrators to punish students and faculty for what they judge to be offensive speech. Some universities limit student protests and demonstrations to designated areas on campus called "free speech zones." In several instances stu?dents have sued university officials over this policy, arguing that such zones in? fringe on students' First Amendment rights.
Hate speech codes and policies raise important ethical questions. Supporters of such policies claim that they are necessary to protect students from intimida?tion. Detractors argue that limits on free speech prevent students with unpopu?lar or politically incorrect views from freely expressing themselves. As Kermit L. Hall, president of Utah State University, has written:
Free speech at public universities and colleges is at once the most obvious and the most paradoxical of constitutional principles. It is obvious because given the nature of academic inquiry, only an open, robust and critical environment for speech will support the quest for truth. At the same time, universities are at once communities that must balance the requirements of free speech with issues of civility, respect and human dignity. They are also part and parcel of the larger social order with its own, often competing set of values.

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Title: SpCom 103 Interpersonal Communication Application Assignment 2 100 points Spring 2014 Chapter 5 textbook lecture presented class revolved language A number concepts reviewed language socially created individuals reinforced based a number language rules

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Essay Instructions: SpCom 103 ? Interpersonal Communication
Application Assignment #2 ? 100 points
Spring 2014

Chapter 5 of the textbook and the lecture presented in class revolved around language. A
number of concepts reviewed how language is socially created among individuals and reinforced based upon a number of language ?rules.? To explore this area in more detail, review the materials we have covered and write an essay which addresses the following:

1. Why do people laugh at jokes that put-down other people? Can a joke be funny even
if it is distasteful? Is there a boundary for jokes about groups of people (i.e., based
on race, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) that people should
stay inside? Are there certain circumstances when it is okay to ?violate? this
boundary-rule in an acceptable manner? Why or why not?

2. There is much disagreement about hate speech laws. Supporters maintain they are
necessary to promote civility. Critics contend they create unconstitutional
censorship. What do you think?

3. Certain slur-words (i.e., against specific races, religions, sexual orientations, etc.) are
sometimes seen as having a double-standard about whether they should be 100%
?off-limits? or whether the members of a group has the ?right? to self-slur against their
own group?yet continue to be offended if ?outsiders? use the same slur-term against
them. What do you think?

Each student will submit a typewritten, double-spaced reaction paper essay which responds
to the above issues. The finished product should be 3 to 5 pages and free of spelling, punctuation, syntax, and typographical errors. Your essay should follow conventional essay writing expectations (e.g., introduction, thesis statement for each paragraph, conclusion, etc.)

***The text book we are using is "Interpersonal Communication" by Kory Floyd (2nd edition)

***Please make sure you use scholarly references

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Excerpt From Essay:


American Civil Liberties Union (1994). Hate Speech on Campus. December 31, 1994. Retrieved from https://www.aclu.org/free-speech/hate-speech-campus

Floyd, K. (2011). Interpersonal Communication 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, Oct 10, 2011.

Lickerman, A. (2011). Why We Laugh. Psychology Today, 23 Jan 2011. Retrieved from http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/happiness-in-world/201101/why-we-laugh

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