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Essay Instructions: The essay is based on an HBS (Harvard Business School) case study called: "Parker's Biscuits, Inc.: Venturing into China". I have uploaded the case. There is also an additional reading to help guide you along in answering the questions, which is called "Collaborative Advatage: The Art of Alliances".

I need a 1-2 page essay that answers these two questions: What kinds of capabilities does Parker's Biscuits, Inc. need to develop in order to be successful within China? What capabilities does Parker's Biscuits, Inc. already bring to the table?

Please have this done quickly.

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Title: Summary of each chapter of Harvard Business Review on Green Business Strategy

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2719 References: 1 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I used the writer called ResearchPro. I very much liked his work and his attention to detail. I would like him to do the chapter summaries on the book called: Harvard Business Review on Green Business Strategy. I need a summary of each chapter with the front page of each chapter stating the name of the book and the chapter name and number on the front. There are 8 chapters at 2 pages per chapter totaling 16 pages. You should be able to find this book, however, if you have a problem please let me know.
Thank you very much and again, I appreciate the quality of your work.
Garrett Harwood

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Essay Instructions: Assessment Task:
According to an article in a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR September
2012), companies could adopt one of 'four broad strategic styles each one
particularly suited to a distinctive environment'. These styles have been
researched by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and are named as classical,
adaptive, shaping and visionary. A survey carried out by BCG showed that most
companies consistently overestimated both their ability to predict and to change
their business environments. For example, the now bankrupt Eastman Kodak
Corporation adopted a classical style when it should have been a shaper.
During the last 20 years, Tesco has successfully developed a visionary strategy
while computer companies which are not adaptive - like Osborne, which crashed
in 1983 - will die.
Please answer the following questions:
(a) You are a strategic planning manager in a large international oil company.
Explain what strategic style you would adopt and why. Cite relevant
examples from any relevant sector. Refer to models learned on the
course such as SWOT analysis, Porter's Five Forces etc. (50 marks)
(b) Johnson, Scholes and Whittington (Exploring Strategy, the key module
text) have developed the "lenses" model of strategic analysis, Compare
and contrast their research with the BCG findings as outlined in the HBR.
Refer to value chain analysis and the development of distinctive core
competences in an organization (50 marks)
(Students are recommended to read the relevant HBR article and the
extensive discussions on the lense model in the course text - recent
Total 100 marks
Page 2 of 3
(a) The HBR approach suggests templates which organisations could adopt in
order to meld in with their environments. The industry structure analyses
advocated by Porter, Rumelt and Baden-Fuller suggest that strategic
plans should be based on an external scanning technique to identify the
more attractive environments.
(b) The lenses approach typifies a resource-based strategy innate in the
adopted positioning of each company based on their culture of experience
modeling, of their innovative characteristics. This internalised process of
audit contrasts strongly with the environmental scanning approach of the
BCG model (see Pratialad and Hamel). More adventurous (nondescriptive)
students are likely to suggest some possibilities of
complementarity between the two approaches and they are likely to score
in the A/B grade categories.

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Essay Instructions: This is an individual assignment, on the Harvard Business School case - "Zara: Fast Fashion", is due as a hard copy submitted on Oct. 7.

In my write-up, please address the following question:

Q: Assess the value adding potential of arbitrage for Zara. Should Zara increase its use of arbitrage as it considers expansion prospects in the US?

I will need to be concise as the write-up must not exceed two single spaced pages. I am permitted one additional page for exhibits.

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