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Essay Instructions: Write a 2-3 page paper describing the hardware and software used to support personal, workgroup, and enterprise computing within your current organization, an organization with which you are familiar, or an organization that you can interview to gather the necessary information.

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Title: decorative hardware in interior design in the US and the different styles

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Essay Instructions: This paper should include (topic wise) information on Early American, Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco an Contemporary Style designs of decorative hardware in the United States. It should discuss the different styles of hardware throughout the different rooms of the house, for example, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and internal doors. It should discuss the differences in antique hardware and reproduction hardware. Hardware includes door knobs, drawer pulls, latches, hinges, knockers on front doors, railings used in balconies or stairs, wall anchors or grates and newels. All styles should be discussed. The paper should be 12 point type, double spaced, at least 8 pages in length, standard margins for a left bound paper. Footnotes are requried. A bibliography with at least 7 entries with different types of media with only 2 as internet sources, MLA style is required. Visuals are to be included and can be within the text of the body, color is preferred, or at the end with each one labeled to correlate within the paper. A cover page is required with the title of the paper and my name.

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Title: statistics

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Essay Instructions: I am requesting a 700-1050 word essay
Describe the use of statistics within a hardware store.
Address the following questions, in order, in the paper:
(1) How are statistics used in a hardware store?
(2) What is one example of descriptive statistics used in a hardware store?
(3) What is one example of inferential statistics used in a hardware store?
(4) How is data at each of the four levels of measurement used in a hardware store? If the hardware store does not use all four levels, describe how such data could be used. The four levels referred to are nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio
(5) What are the advantages of accurate interpretation of statistical information to improve decision making in the organization?
*Sources must be peer reviewed journals APA style please

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Essay Instructions: Please let me know if you need more info

You can use your spare time to dig further into another site or tool, or even to use the Threaded Discussion forum to share your experience and evaluations with your colleagues.

Most online development sites, when we encounter them, will require you to enter a name and an email address by way of registration; if this bothers you, try using a pseudonym and a convenience free email account from Hotmail or Yahoo, or just try some other one. All they want is a place to send a password, generally. It is also possible that you will receive follow-up inquiries from sites that you have visited; if this concerns you, please read our policy note on this issue.

It is essential that if you are going to download anything from the Internet, that you have adequate virus protection and anti-adware/spyware screening on your systems. In fact, it's so essential that if you haven't been through the exercise of checking out your protections, you must take the steps described in this note immediately, before carrying out any of the Project assignments for this class.

Each Module, then, you'll be directed toward some resource; your task will be to enter and/or use it, form some conclusions, questions, and ideas about its possibilities, and to write up those thoughts for our review. You'll be assessed on the degree of effort and enthusiasm you appear to invest in the exercise, the accuracy of your descriptions and the salience of your conclusions, your ability to generalize and to place the tool in a context of both the material for that Module and other similar sorts of tools from other sources , and the degree to which you involve yourself in making this a useful part of your education. Keep in mind that this report should look and sound professional, just like you were reporting to your boss. Please do not forget to include a conclusion with your final recommendation of the tools. The general format for such reviews is 3-4 pages of description, analysis, and evaluation.

Cautionary note: if you're computing in an environment where you can't easily or at all download things to look at them, let us know and we'll help you work out an alternative. In many cases simply reviewing descriptions of things on the net or watching online demos can provide all the educational experience you need. Talk to your Core Professor about the problem and arrangements can be made.


For Module 1, your assignment is to become familiar with Tom's Hardware Guide []

"Tom's Hardware Guide is one of a handful of Web sites begun six or eight years ago by obsessive hobbyists, the sort who never tire of reading about the latest microprocessor or graphics card. While their main constituencies are still gamers and other power users, the sites are regularly consulted by IT buyers, journalists and others. Computer companies take them very seriously."


You should do the following:

Look over the range of articles and other resources linked there.
Follow up links that interest you. In general, become familiar with its contents.
Pay special attention on the subject of this module and learn as much as you can.
Look over the career links. Anything interest you? Any interesting themes there?
Then write your 3 to 4 pages review (not counting the cover page). The general format valid for such reviews in ALL your SLPs is:

a short summary description of its structure, purpose, pros and cons
a comprehensive discussion on what you learn from this website regarding the subject of this module (at least half of your write-up should be devoted to this discussion). you can choose to provide a general review, or focus on one theme of your most interest.
links that you find helpful to follow up
why you will or will not find it a useful addition to your professional resources list
any other things about the site that you find salient and worth noting to others
bottom-line evaluation of its value to you in this program

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