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Title: A research paper illustrating similaries differences lives compositional style compositional output J. S. Bach G. F. Handel Focus Bach's music church based Handel secular based music meant stage church

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Essay Instructions: A research paper illustrating the similaries and/or differences in the lives, compositional style, and the compositional output of J.S. Bach and G.F. Handel. Focus on how Bach's music was more church based and Handel was more secular based music meant for the stage and not church. Use standart music research materials as welel as specific materials pertaining to the subject. Include all the materials used for writing th epaper in the bibliography. Scholarly magazine articles and internet sources must be included and sited properly.

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Fuller-Maitland, John Alexander. The Age of Bach and Handel. Oxford: Clarendon Press,


Geck, Martin. Johann Sebastian Bach: Life and Work. New York: Harcourt. 2006.

Hogwood, Christopher. Handel. Bath: Pittman Press. 1984.

Nichols, Jeremy. The Great Composers. London: Quercus. 2008.

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Title: Baroque Oratorio with an emphasis on G. F. Handel

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Essay Instructions: I need an Pre-Abstract with annotated bibliography for my research paper that I have already ordered (#A2015262).
I have faxed an example of one for your reference. Also Tomar...the information below needs to be included in the actual research paper.

Blessed Hildegard of Bingen ( Her work "Ordo Virtutum"- possibly a
early form of an Oratorio)

Handel's Possible Influence on
Felix Mendelssohn
Franz Joseph Haydn

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Works Cited:

The text published by Music Academy Online (2008) provides an excellent overview of the life and work of Franz Joseph Haydn. Particularly, it demonstrates the influence which contemporaries of the baroque period often bore on one another, even across national boundaries. The article reports that it was when the Austrian composer traveled to London and took in Handel's Oratorio Messiah that Haydn was inclined to compose what is often considered his finest work in Creation, also an Oratorio. The article draws an explicit connection between Handel and Haydn that will be subjected to further exploration in the research.

Wolff, H.C. (1959). Mendelssohn and Handel. Oxford University Press.

The text by Wolff (1959) focuses primarily on the commitment of German composer Felix Mendelssohn to the respective bodies of work by Bach and Handel. Its focus in particular on the explicit desire on the part of Mendelssohn to aspire to the works of Handel demonstrates the persistence of Handel's influence even after his death. This is denoted by Mendelssohn's staging of Handel's Israel in Egypt.

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Title: George Friderik Handel

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This paper is worth 1000 points (see table below on how my professor will grade this term paper). My term paper will talk about the music composer, George Friderik Handel.

I. It must have no less than six full pages of factual, coherent information pertinent to this composer. No title page required. I will take care of that. The paper needs to be in (12 point, Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced)

II. It must have one page of references with at least 7 sources of references (3 must be primary sources. Please follow MLA format when typing the bibliography) DO NOT USE Wikipedia. I’m going to send you one primary source that I took from a book.

When writing the paper, please use the following guide in writing this paper:
-What significance is Handel having in the context of world/’Western Art’ history?
-What was significant about the life and time span during Handel’s time?
-How does Handel illustrate the major aesthetics of the age?
-Is there something that future people exploring music could learn/benefit from studying this research?
- What was the most interesting aspects of this topic?

Format = 100 points
MLA format

Mechanics = 200 points
Project demonstrates collegial level appropriate grammar, spelling & mechanics

CONTENT = 400 points
Paper accurately presents information specified
Paper presents the most important and relevant information
Paper presents the information in an engaging manner

APPEAL = 200 points
Paper engages the Reader
Paper demonstrates a HIGH level of creativity and originality
Student work is engaging and appropriate for college level study

Musical Analysis = 100 points
The paper mentions and describes some aspect of music in relationship to analysis
The student explains their topic in correlation to the subject matter

TOTAL = 1000

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Excerpt From Essay:


Bray, Anna Eliza. Handel: His Life, Personal and Professional. London: Ward & Co., 1857.

Buelow, George J. A History of Baroque Music. Bloomington, in: Indiana University Press, 2004.

Dean, Winton, and Anthony Hicks. The New Grove Handel. New York: W.W. Norton, 1983.

Hoffman, Miles. The NPR Classical Music Companion. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2005.

Lang, Paul Henry. George Frideric Handel. New York: W.W. Norton, 1994.

Sadie, Julie Anne. Companion to Baroque Music. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998.

Sittler, Joseph. "Christmas, the Messiah, and the Small Town." The Joseph Sittler Archives. Web. 15 November 2010.

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Title: Life of George Frideric Handel Music Composer

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Essay Instructions: Must have at least 3 sources other than internet material.Italicize, Underline, or use quotation marks when using the proper titles of compositions.

George Frideric Handel was a famous music composer who lived from 1685-1759. Need information on his life and his most famous compositions. The Messiah is one of his most famous works written in 1741 be sure to mention it.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Barber, D. (1994). Getting a Handel on Messiah. Toronto: Sound and Vision.

Burrows, D. (1997). The Cambridge Companion to Handel. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Jacobi, P. (1982). The Messiah Book: The Life and Times of G.F. Handel's Greatest Hit. New York: St. Martin's Press.

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Leissa, B. & Vickers, D. (2003). George Frideric Handel. Retrieved July 24, 2003. Web site: http://gfhandel.org

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