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Title: One Child policy for Han Chinese

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Essay Instructions: Requirements:

1. this paper's topic is " One-child policy for Han Chinese", which is a research paper from an anthropology class ( people and culture of china), and it is a second year university class. The original requirement of the paper topic is that the paper should present a detailed consideration of a specific aspect of culture or social life, with reference to one ethnic group. Thus, I choose the "one-child policy for Han Chinese"; the one-child policy is only for Han Chinese ( a majority enthic group in China). The paper should not simply summerise available information, but consider a phenomenon or problem in light of an ethnological analysis.

2. Please use American Anthropologist or Current Anthropology style as citation guide, no footnotes or endnotes for citation.

3. Please do not use difficult vacabulary or terminology, although this is a second year university research paper, English is not my first language. However, the paper needs to have no grammer, spelling, punctuation mistakes, and needs to be well-organized, have good content and well-analyzied.

4. Finally, I already wrote a short proposal for the paper, I will send it following the requirements. Please read the proposal, and focus on the research questions at the end of the proposal. I did use some references for citation, but I did not mention it in here, because that just the idea i want to use, you can find these information in many different journal articles. In addition, you can know my writing skill level by reading it, I hope it is helpful for you writing the paper.


proposal :

China is an united multi-ethnic country, consisting of 56 ethnic groups and a huge population of 1.3 billion people that make up one fifth of the total world population. Han Chinese are the majority of the entire population which comprise 91 percent of the population from Beijing in the north to Canton in the south and include the Hakka, Fujianese, Cantonese, and other groups. The rest of the population is divided into 55 official "minority" ethnic groups that are mostly concentrated along the borders, such as the Mongolians and Uyghurs in the north and the Zhuang, Yi, and Bai in southern China, near southeast Asia. Other groups, such as the Hui and Manchus, are scattered throughout the nation, and there are minorities in every province, region, and county.

China is constantly at war against its overpopulation problems. The rapid growing population is often being blamed for the country?s lack of development and backwardness. Thus, Chinese government needed to make policies to combat the quick growing numbers of Chinese citizens. In the early 1979, the Family Planning Commission of China implemented the ?one-child policy? as a solution for overpopulation. However, the ?one-child policy? is only applied to Han and the minorities are not restricted by this policy. ?The one-child policy? basically stats that married couples in urban settings are limited to having only one child; married couples in rural areas are allowed to have two children if the first child is a girl. This is strictly enforced in the major cities, but rural governments tend to be more relaxed since extra labor is needed in farming communities. Nonetheless, fines are imposed on parents who want more than one child. With a population billion, the Chinese view this as a practical policy.

The ?one-child policy? has both positive and negative consequences. However, this research paper will emphasize on the overall advantages and disadvantages of the ?one-child policy? in Han population.

Literature reviews should be done and the research questions should focus on : 1) do the benefits of the ?one-child policy? outweigh the problems? 2) How have the government and Han Chinese solved the problems? 3) How will the government and Han Chinese solve the current and the future problems?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Ethnic conflict in Xinjiang an application of internal security dilemma

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3057 Sources: 30 Citation Style: Chicago Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: please follow the outline for most content. Major focus on Sino-XInjiang relation after 1990s. This is a term paper to apply IR theory into hot discussed topic.
Literature review (400 words):
a)What is security dilemma? (Realist opinion, roughly mention,)
b)What is internal security dilemma? Apply it into Xinjiang case(Development of security dilemma, apply it into ethnic conflict within state, such as Barry Posen, Paul Roe, etc)

How does the internal security dilemma work in Xinjiang’s issue? (2400-2600 words)
1) China’s security concern: sovereign, military, and societal (China feel weak and unsecure in these three aspects), here in Xinjiang issue, major societal security vs identity (200-400 words)

2) How policies, migration, cultural influences strengthen the Party-state position in Xinjiang generate greater societal insecurity to Uyghur.-->1400-1600 words
a) Xinjiang policy: strict hard policy, no true autonomy, and assimilation to Han Chinese. Political and economic disparities
b) Migration of Han Chinese: Bingtuan
c) Cultural: education only in mandarin, get rid of ethnic language
e) Religious repression of Uighur Muslims
f) Environmental degradation and water scarcity
Result: Xinjiang identity feel threated, disparity between Han and ethnic Uyghur

3) Position and strategies that the Uyghur have used to address their societal insecurity (600-800)
A) Internationalization: attract to international attention: the most important strategy. How Xinjiang issue affects international relationship? (China- Central Asia, China-US)
B) Passive reliance/Protest, riot, violence
C) Law: UN human right, right of self-determination
D) History: Xinjiang only became to part of China after 1950s.

4) How these identity security measures heighten the Chinese political military and societal security concerns, thus complete the cycle of security dilemma? (600-800)
a) Stability first policy always
b) Post-911 anti-terrorism /Shanghai Cooperation Organization/War on Terror: Many Uighurs view the Chinese as colonizers, and this is bound to lead to further armed insurgency
c) International relation: internal event, no interference
d) The Xinjiang Military Region, and not the Nanjing Military District, has now become the premier information warfare test center for the PLA.

5) Can security dilemma be solved? Options for future Xinjiang (400-600)
a) Independent or China Win? Independent is impossible: Xinjiang plays important role in geopolitical security and energy security to China.
b) Real autonomy/power sharing: SAR like HK? Unlikely
c) Adjust ethnic policy: easing policy? Probably the best to loose ethnic conflicts.

need footnote and 30 citations.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Traditional China

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1824 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Since the Zhou Dynasty, China had considered itself the "Central Kingdom," the core of civilization and refinement. Those outside of this core were barbaric, benighted and savage. How did the founding and establishment of the Tang Dynasty challenge long-held assumptions of cultural superiority and the ethnocenticity of the Han Chinese? To what extent, and in what ways, did non-Han peoples exert an influence on society, culture and ideas in the early Tang? Use footnotes. There are specific sources that must be used, no other outside sources. These sources are listed below:

"Daily Life in Traditional China: The Tang Dynasty." by Benn, Charles.

"Fables for the Patriarchs: Gender Politics in Tang Discourse." by Tung, Jowen.

"The Son of Heaven and the Heavenly Qaghan." by Pan Yihong.

"Buddhism in Chinese Society: An Economic History from the 5th to 10th Centuries." by Gernet, Jacques.

"Religion and Society in Tang and Song China." by Ebrey, Patricia Buckley.

These are the only sources to be used. Please let me know if there are any problems in due time to work something else out please. Thak you very much.

Excerpt From Essay:

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