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Essay Instructions: Hamlet is the play.

The Thesis is as follows:

The consequences seen in the rising action of the play destroys the lives of all involved; the emotions shown are intensified by the stage directions and presence of the actors.

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Title: Hamlet

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Essay Instructions: Hamlet by Shakespeare

1. Take any one of Hamlet's famous soliloques from below and explian:
2. What has transpired in the story that brings forth this speech?
3. What is the main point? That is, what is he referring to?
4. How does this point apply to him? There are actions in the play that bring forth each of these speeches. Refer to them. Use quotes. Use the format showing below, i.e., V,ii,L129 - !V,1,(line 478), and so on.
5. Can this solioquy apply to much of mankind's feelings and attitudes? How so? Create a short scenario that explains your response.

(I,ii,129) "O, that this too too sullied flesh would melt..."

(I,ii,478) "Ay, so, goodye to you. -Now I am alone."

(III,I,52) "To be or not to be..."

(IV,iv33) "How all occasions do inform against me..."

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Title: Drama

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Essay Instructions: Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras are all young men whose fathers have been killed and who set out to avenge theses deaths. Their courses of action, however, are different. In an essay, consider theses three as typical or archetypal sons. What characteristics do they share? What, in turn, makes them individual and distinct? Compare and Contrast how each character deals with his father''s death. Whic approach seems most reasonable to you? Most emotional? Most effective? [ ] At least five research sources apart from material in the Roberts and Jacobs book -- other academically respectable books, scholarly journals, and print media and electronic sources.Incorporates information from at least one Roberts and Jacobs literary selection. In other words, literature which is not in the text is not appropriate. Applies literary terminology to analyze the topic; Includes the operating definition of each literary tool mentioned and credits the source from which it comes. Uses direct quotations to provide contrast, harness support for ideas, or display effective language. Documents all information which is not the writer''s own with the currently prescribed MLA patterns. Is written in third person ? using s/he, it, they, them, the reader, the audience, the main character, the author, the student, one individual -- not I, you, your, we, us, our. Is written (for the most part) using strong, present tense action verbs -- a minimum of "is" verbs. Applies the active voice to keep the expression vigorous; Includes 2-3 sentences explaining why looking at the information is important; provides information that a real audience needs for a socially beneficial purpose. Roberts and Jacobs is a College Textbook: Literature sixth edition.

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Title: Hamlet Siddhartha and Little Gidding

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Essay Instructions: Hamlet by William Shakespeare and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse focus on the travails of two young people as they attempt and negotiate life on their own terms. Though Siddhartha and Hamlet face different destinies, some of their experiences and realizations are similar.

Read T.S. Eliot's Little Gidding. Use the lines in the poem to comment on the themes found in Hamlet and Siddhartha.

There should be numerous citations from each piece of literature to underscore your ideas.

Do not string quotes together, instead integrate your analysis of each work with citations which prove your point.

Write a well-developed essay of about 400 words on the human quest for life's meaning and worth.

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