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Title: Gun Laws effects worldwide This essay English Humanities Honors class teacher Mrs Vogt period 1 Spring 2012 questions call 480 278 2388

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Essay Instructions: Gun Laws and the effects worldwide. This essay is for my English for Humanities Honors class. teacher is Mrs. Vogt, period 1, and should be for Spring 2012. any questions, please call

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Works cited:

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Title: Public Problem Why Gun Laws should be changed

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Essay Instructions: Guidelines:
In this assignment collect stakeholder data that contributes to the implementation strategy and action planning. Need the stakeholders that will or should be involved in the changing of gun laws.
Construct a policy implementation grid Use Exercise 11.1 on page 327 in Crosby and Bryson to complete this assignment (attached below). (APA style with font 11)
(1) Introduction
(2) Needs an implementation strategy
(3) Action Plan
(4) Conclusion
Paper will be uploaded.

Customer is requesting that (christieW) completes this order.

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Works Cited:


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Title: Gun Laws

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Essay Instructions: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Gun Laws

This assignment asks to look at cost-benefit analysis. Cost-benefit analysis is often seen as a tool that addresses areas of policy that are of a tangible nature. In what ways, though, does cost-benefit analysis examine those areas of policy that are in tangible?

Use the government sites or a peer-reviewed journal to identify a particular study or studies wherein cost-benefit analysis is applied to a particular policy area. Use the study or studies to support the analysis of cost-benefit analysis, paying particular attention to how it functions with both tangible and intangible areas of policy.

Assignment must include:

1. Evaluates the specific application of cost-benefit analysis in terms of tangible and intangible areas of the policy.

2. Evaluates cost-benefit analysis in terms of its ability to identify and address equity and policy-making; applies this evaluation to broader analysis and recommendations.

3. Use examples of public policy analysis to illustrate the features of specific analytical methods and tools; discusses and explains the significance to policy analysis of these features.

The requirements for this assignment include:
Length of paper: 5 typed, double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Ariel, 12 point.

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Title: Gun Laws

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Essay Instructions: Implementation Barriers and Policy Design Deficiencies

What happens when a policy and its associated programs do not work?

Identify such a condition with a particular policy and its related programs (Gun Laws).

Next choose an analytical approach to assess the degree and scope of its deficiencies.

Support your argument through relevant findings produced by an appropriate public oversight entity such as the GAO or the CBO as well as peer-reviewed journals.

Describe your findings in detail, identifying any other analytical or assessment tools that would have supported your examination of this policy and program.

Do the resources you are citing offer further insight into analytical tools or approaches you could have applied?

In addition to analyzing the policy and program deficiencies, identify two areas of the policy and explore the nature and scope of barriers that impeded their overall implementation.

The requirements for this assignment include:

Minimum of 5 peer-reviewed or otherwise academically credible sources, (including the report which contains the findings being discussed).

Length of paper: 6 typed double-spaced pages.
Font and font size: Ariel, 12 point.

Criteria and checklist

Apply appropriate tools and methods of policy analysis; explains rationale for the choices of tools and methods.

Evaluates additional methods of analysis with discussion of what they would have added to the overall analysis had they been used.

Critiques examples of public policy analysis and advocacy with evidence of citizen participation, and offers recommendations or assessments of that analysis.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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Ludwig, J. & Cook, P.J. (2002). Homicide and Suicide Rates Associated with Implementation of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. JAMA, 284(5), 585-91

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